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  1. We've seen Fitz... we haven't seen pix of your mom. Pix or ban. **BRENT**
  2. When the fuck did I post this? -Fitz on Brent's laptop
  3. Why don't you have plans? **BRENT**
  4. or does this site feel dead today? **BRENT**
  5. Deck View. Seriously? Across the street? Grrr... Breakfast View **BRENT**
  6. I got a new car for a few days. I had to explain to my almost-4-year-old that "daddy rented the car, like we rent the movies out of the box. I take it for a few days and then take it back". "Oh!" Then I went to go pick up some dude and then we drove some more. Almost ran out of gas, didn't find the governor on the car yet (maybe in a few days), drank a lot of energy drinks. Wait... it's 5am... too many energy drinks. **BRENT**
  7. I would definitely recommend doing this. They say "If you have a 3G, don't necessarily need to upgrade, but if you're buying a new one, there's no reason not to get the 3G S". You should be within your 14 day (30 in cali) period, I'd say its worth it. I have a friend who went from a 3G to a 3G S and wouldn't stop raving about it. I'd say it'd be worth it once you get more apps and whatnot loaded onto it... you won't notice as much of a lag or hesitation. FWIW, this is coming from a phone junkie who hates iPhones (as phones, though I dig the iPod Touch). **BRENT**
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh_JXJoV2Yo **BRENT**
  9. Marantz DV4003 Progressive Scan DVD Player Black, In Stock at OneCall.com Marantz DV4003 DVD player. 299$ list, 69.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer. http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=34670 Marantz DV4001 DVD player. 298$ list, 119.99$ + 12$ shipping from an authorized dealer. Marantz has a 3 year warranty and onecall.com is an authorized dealer. FWIW, I think the 4001 looks better, but that's a 50$ judgment call. I bought the 4003 recently but had a bit of trouble with it loading discs for about a month. Now it's perfect (after I called Marantz about warranty repair). Otherwise, Denon 2900s are going for ~125$ or less on craigslist. But an 80$ initial outlay for source opens up a LOT in the way of speakers. Just a thought. **BRENT**
  10. MMmmmmm... blacklight version... mmmmm.... **BRENT** P.S. Check your voice mail!
  11. Best... System... Evah! I have 3. Still have my launch console. It also had the best typing game ever to be created (and INCREDIBLY fun), Typing of the Dead. Happy 10th anniversary, Sega Dreamcast! | Digital City Podcast - CNET Blogs The Typing of the Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Shenmue, Soul Caliber, Jet Grind Radio, Hydro Thunder, Star Wars:Episode 1 Racer (or something like that). VMUs! Bloody great system. **BRENT**
  12. Happy B-Day, man. If I run into you this weekend, I'll buy you a drink! **BRENT**
  13. Is there a chance some maggies will be guest speakers? **BRENT** Crap, I just wasted my 200th post on this... bah.
  14. Epic... sorta... **BRENT**
  15. Ditto. A Glencairn of QC from me for another future professional added to the fold. **BRENT**
  16. Video: Mario Kart - The Movie (Trailer) | BuzzCuts | buzzcuts.com **BRENT**
  17. *Sigh* Going backwards, yes, Chattanooga is seemingly a miserable place for job hunting, at least at much of the things I'm qualified for/can test well for. I definitely see the possiblity of losing $$$, and it seems many have. I know straight out of the gate (well, at the end of the interview today) it was thrown around about having up to a couple hundred for licensing come out of my pocket upfront, though were I to get through it in the next two weeks it would be fully reimbursed, though that was not in writing. Thanks for the thoughts, Jeff. Tell your cousin T-Mobile call center is hiring... I'm hittting up their open house in the morning Hi Greg, I appreciate you pulling up some extra info. My internet situation is kinda keeping me from digging as far as I want to (tethered through partial PDAnet program... it's limited as to what I can do). As far as being a life insurance agent, it's never really even entered my mind before a couple weeks ago as I was just looking through job sites at things I would possibly be good at. I applied and was surprised to get a call. The moral flexibility thing, well, I'm pretty sure even though my morals may be a little skewed from "ideal", I still have what I believe to be a fairly ethical set at my core. Yes, before I forget, you were right. They are looking for sales reps/agents. They are looking to hire ~50 over 4 branches locally in a town of ~155k and a county of ~360k. They say the goal is to hit up 240 contacts/wk to set up 24 appointments. 50 reps x 240 contacts x 52 weeks... By my math you're looking at hitting up, just as new hires, everyone in the county at the 7 month mark... man, woman and child. Doesn't really compute... especially with, as you pointed out, a minor player. I'd be really interested to see how this guy handles other interviews. It was actually supposed to be his wife (the branch owner/manager) do interviews, but he did it as she had to prep for a large recruiting event tomorrow. I'm definitely torn... and I'm not liking this feeling at all. There is a good bit at stake over the next few months dealing with medium to long term consequences of actions I take in the near future, and it impacts not just me, but my family. Really not a fan of such decisions. Thanks for the thoughts guys... about to head to bed... another day of job hunting tomorrow. **BRENT**
  18. It's fine, Nate. I know we've all heard stories about this place. I naturally want to reply "but this feels different", but really, it's obvious the guy is good at getting people in the door. He's said the things that I personally wanted to hear, and very little I didn't want to hear or didn't expect. This guy is one of the top performers in the company (supposedly, but I can see it), so it's making me want to come across as "under this guy's mentoring, I think the job would be doable, and I think I could be successful", but back of the mind is thinking "commission only, scary, where's the stability, blah blah blah". I've been looking at this a week going back and forth... I'm hoping to find that definitive "this is an amazing company and I think personally would be great at the job and be successful". I just haven't found that... yet. I'm planning on keeping digging, I just really hope to find what I'm looking for. If I don't, so be it. Thanks. **BRENT**
  19. Been Googling, but getting the mixed reports. The guy is an AMAZING salesman, though... He is one of the few people I've come across who could keep my attention for over 95% of a presentation (that was 90 minutes long). Maybe I should e-mail the mayor's office and see if he had a noon meeting with this guy yesterday? Thanks for the thoughts, dan. This is just an extension of my independent searching of the company. I'm getting a bad vibe as in "it's almost too good to be true", but it's in the back of my mind "what if it actually is this good?" I know this company has been around since 1900, with a major growth spurt in 1929 during the Great Depression. I am just nearing the desperation stage again... if I try this and it blows up in my face, family suffers. I try it an succeed, well, I'll buy everyone a round of bourbon/scotch/virgin pina colada (for Vicki). **BRENT**
  20. Here's the deal: Many of you know I've been looking for work for a good while. This company (Liberty National Insurance) has been recruiting in my area, and the spiel is enticing. Follow the plan, do the legwork, work hard, get well compensated. I've read pros and cons about this place (not unlike many/most places out there), and it's obvious some people can't hack it, and some don't get good trainers, and it just doesn't work for everyone, and that's fine. I'm just trying to figure out if anyone has any first/second-hand knowledge of the firm, and those thoughts. Seems you have to be a licensed insurance agent, and I got all the info on where to do the online coursework for that and whatnot. I was told if I got it done in two weeks (seems like 3 or so is the norm, but 2 shouldn't be a problem for me if I decide to do it, I have the time/abilities to knock it out quick), that I would be fully reimbursed for every dime spent. The parent company is Torchmark Corp (NYSE: TMK), if anyone knows about that. I half-way get the Quixtar/Amway feel with the presentation, but I went in for the follow-up today and wound up chatting it up with the interviewer instead of really getting to what needed to be talked about. The person who had an appointment in front me me was late, making my interview run 20 minutes late (he was also late to the first group presentation.) The interviewer (a "Unit Manager" and former VP of the company, who dropped down from corporate to be there to raise his young son instead of seeing him on the weekends only, which I totally get) had to cut it short due to having a meeting with the Mayor. I understood. He gave me the info on what testing to do at this point and said he would sponsor me if I get it done. I figure that's KINDA a soft job offer... or at least a shot. This is a commission/bonus-only pay structured job, and I've never been in that situation before. I dig the stability of knowing how much I'm going to get paid if I work X hours, however, it's almost always been a "check to check" lifestyle, and I'm sick of it. There's an open house for a job I'm really intersted in tomorrow morning and I'm hitting that after I drop off the kids at school/daycare, I'm just really wanting to get started on this coursework if I decide to do it or not. Any thoughts on this company, either from the employee or policy holder side, would be greatly appreciated. **BRENT**
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