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  1. I remember when Circuit City used to carry Senn 580s and/or 600s, though this was in the mid-90s, and obviously CC quit carrying them, and they are out of business now. Other than that, however... it's either Bose or 80$ TOPS for Sonys. **BRENT**
  2. Try this... get a Tupperware container and fill it with rice and place the device in the rice and let it sit for about a day. The rice draws out the moisture. It's worked well for cell phones in the past, give it a shot with your touch. **BRENT**
  3. Yeah... hope I can too. Welcome hortonm... I'm sure there WILL be some interest in that setup. I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin. **BRENT**
  4. Let him try... but we'll save that for the HF meets. These seem to the the high-fallutin' types. Less nonsense (til the Tyll-hosted afterparty... no?). I'm gonna try to be there... got the usual factors to deal with. **BRENT**
  5. I always feel a little sorry for ol' Fitz at the end of the meets... **BRENT**
  6. I thought of someone here earlier... **BRENT**
  7. I was contacted via chat by someone who was on a plane that that someone was going to be somewhere close to me in about 75 minutes. I was ~100 minutes away. I got cleaned up, got the kids ready, and started a ~300 mile round trip excursion for a 1 hour dinner. It was SOOOOOO worth it! **BRENT**
  8. Via Twitter racing buddy via Brock Yates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyR3Q1O3uqI **BRENT**
  9. It's been too long since something's been posted here. Let's get back on track, boys... **BRENT**
  10. Subscribed. Gonna be out and about today (NOT in the greater CanJam area) so gonna get the updates via e-mail. You kids have fun. **BRENT**
  11. Heh... thanks ladies and gents. I left friday night around 7:30pm, got home yesterday @ 6:10pm, grabbed a shower and was back on the road around 6:40pm. Got back home around 11am today. Had a "couple" beverages, had a couple pictures taken, and I remember most of 'em. Heh... and I didn't touch my computer for the entire day. Some of you who know me will find that shocking (imagine Joan Cusack's voice from "High Fidelity"). I'm exhausted, met some cool people, had someone buy me birthday lunch, and now I'm about to go chill for a bit before a concert tonight (playing, not watching). Thanks again... <raises glass> **BRENT**
  12. Dammit... I need to get some palimony. Not gonna sell the kids... I gave it some thought but couldn't decide which to sell. Xavier really digs the HF-1s, so if he wasn't around for HF-2s, he'd be upset. Zoe's not really big into cans... she's more of a car audio gal, but she digs car audio in Bimmers, so she stays. FWIW, if any of you guys get #39 and wind up selling it, keep me in mind. Since the money pit (future-ex-wife) is gone, there is a RIDICULOUS amount of cash NOT flowing out of this house... so once I get back to work and whatnot, it SHOULD be possible in a few months. 450$ shipped sound good? Bah @ all those people selling for 800$ in July... Bah! I say. Side note: There goes ANY shot of me selling the HF-1s for stupid money next month @ rent time. (300 word explanation of "Bah!" ) **BRENT**
  13. Bah! That's all I have to say right now... Bah! **BRENT**
  14. MexicanDragon

    Atlanta Meet

    Thanks for posting this up, Ingy. I meant to, but I'm a slacker. I still plan on being there. We definitely need to do a HC get-together. The ATL kids don't know how to have a "proper meet". **BRENT**
  15. /me wants to take this challenge... this really old challenge. Let's talk about tires! **BRENT**
  16. Heh... you don't know grawk that well, do you? /me raises the same glass from midnight of QC... Cheers again, bud... even after you passed out. **BRENT**
  17. I think it's time to bring this back... guilty pleasures are so much fun, sometimes. Justin Timberlake is probably my most guilty right now. Hate to admit it, but some actual good stuff, thrown in with some of his SNL stuff. The kid's got talent... **BRENT**
  18. Heh... that's great. I think the last 10 seconds of that are the best, though. **BRENT**
  19. Heh... my bad. I should have just overnighted it to you and let you spend the weekend reading a book. Welcome to Gun-Case... sorry about your wallet. **BRENT**
  20. Ok... so some news broke yesterday of someone making a G1->iPod Dock, well... working wiring diagram, I guess. No one seems to have put it together in ExtUSB->iPod plug/adapter/whatever, but if a couple of you DIY guys take a look at these couple links, I'm sure you could tell whether or not it'd be hard at all. Looks like they have charging working out of the speaker dock... heh... nice. Hack connects T-Mobile G1 to iPod Dock | WebNetta HTC Hermes USB connector pin config I'm about to throw down for an ExtUSB->3.5mm adapter, since it's pretty much been confirmed the early adopters aren't going to get them. The ones shipping out the past month have all gotten the adapters. I'm not sure if they're the short cable ones, or if they're the 2ft long ones with (possibly) a mic and/or volume control, maybe a mute... something like that. There is also one that splits for a 3.5mm jack and another ExtUSB jack for simultaneous power/charging and audio out. I'm not sure if it can do video out or not (the wiring diagram is from an older HTC device, different than the G1, but possibly a help), but that could be interesting for use with some of the iPod docks out there. **BRENT**
  21. So... what do Canadians do for their b-day? Whine about cooking stuff? **BRENT**
  22. Sure... I'll say a few, and if you want specifics, lmk. For messaging... SMS and E-Mail... I prefer typing on the G1, hands down. The lack of a landscape keyboard on the iPhone really is a letdown. When I'm in texting/email mode, I'd really prefer a fuller keyboard. The Storm does both (QWERTY in landscape, SureType in portrait). The iPhone's keyboard's predictive text really is VERY good, but I have spent a LOT of time on it since I've had it, and I'm still having a hard time with accuracy. Much of the time its still not getting what I want. The G1 keyboard isn't perfect by any means, though. The colorblindness factor comes in to play on the Bronze one (and possibly the white one, the only one I haven't gotten my hands on yet). The alternate symbols are translucent orange (yielding to the backlight behind them) on a super light colored bronze-ish silvery colored keyboard. I can barely see these, and its a pain. However, there is a dedicated number row at the top (with desktop corresponding symbols, takes the pain out of having to look up where an ampersand is), a dedicated @ sign along with the alternate on the 2 key, a dedicated period and comma key. These come in incredibly handy for those of you who like to use proper grammar/emoticons. The keyboard is a bit flush, but the centers of the G1 keys are raised a bit with placement markers on the F and J keys... familiar much? The controversial "chin" design on the G1 is intrusive while typing... for about a week. I did get a couple hand cramps in the first few days, but that is gone. If you pick one up, don't give up just yet. One handed typing, however, its iPhone, Storm, G1... for now. If you're not looking and typing one handed, I may would go with the Storm and its SureType portrait mode, but it'd be close. The G1 is a 2 handed phone for right now. I'm hearing there will be a virtual keyboard coming out for it around January. That should be interesting, as my gripes with the landscape messaging on the iPhone are inverted with the lack of portrait messaging on the G1. MMS... I'd have to go G1 (for now), BB Storm (will be better after a few glitches are gone) and iPhone, well... you know all about that. Copy & paste... I'd have to give that to the G1 right now. Between touch/long presses, the keyboard and the trackball, its hands down G1. The "multitouch" of the Storm, when I tried it, was OK in theory (which I knew), and sub par in execution. The iPhone... well... maybe in version 3.x. (natively, at least). Browsing I give a SLIGHT edge to the iPhone. The multitouch gestures (pinching) are really putting it over the top over Android's zoom button system. The G1 browser is webkit (not exactly "Mobile Chrome" as some have opined), but isn't quite as polished as Safari... but its easily 95% as good. If you haven't spent tons of time with the iPhone browser (or iPod Touch over wifi), then you will be INCREDIBLY happy with the G1 browser. Scrolling on the G1 is slightly choppy compared to the smoothness of the iPhone (where some of the 5% comes from), but the G1 renders faster, don't have to worry about the white and blue grids. It seems the G1 is limited to either 8 or 10 tabs, I'm not quite sure what the iPhone limit is, or if there is one... but something to put out there. The G1 does offer more options under Menu in the browser, however. The iPhone does do a better of making a page fit the screen, now that I do a little more back-to-back comparos (of this site). Still sticking with my 95%. One more thing about the G1's browser. It defaults to portrait mode when closed, and landscape mode when the keyboard is opened. It doesn't use the accelerometer. There is an option to lock it in landscape mode, which I do. The Storm's browser was almost not worth mentioning. The text was more difficult to read than in webkit, the image quality was a few steps below either webkit browser, no inertia when scrolling (page will only move as far as your finger, even if you try to flick, it won't work. If you're used to scrolling with the trackball, and scrolling, and scrolling, etc... you will feel at home). The browser is the best browser BB has ever done, but I agree with one of the blogs on this one... they should have just licensed Opera (much like Samsung did with the forthcoming Omnia on VZW. WM 6.1 shipping with Opera Mobile installed... beautiful). It would have opened up their team to fix the other bugs with the touch layering instead of launching a buggy product (on both Vodafone and Verizon). But yeah... I concur with some of the bloggers... its no great revolution OS wise... its just an update of the previous 4.x BB OSes, with a layer of touch on top of it instead of scroll wheel. That's all I have time for right now... if you want to know something specific, lmk. **BRENT**
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