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  1. Hey guys... I am rocking a G1 full time now, and have an iPhone I'm going to start using tomorrow (after I get it activated/jailbroken/blahblahblah). If you have any questions about the G1 you want to ask of someone who has one, lmk... @manaox2: I plan on heading out on the 21st and taking the G1 and iPhone to the vzw store and check out all 3 side by side... may be able to take some pix with my Glyde while I'm there... we shall see... **BRENT**
  2. Heh... as an engineering student in college engineer we had to team up and build trebuchets at a certain budget (either 15, 25, or 35$, can't remember which). I believe we chucked some kind of fruit... it was an interesting project... I also do a bit of Pez Collecting. **BRENT**
  3. Figured I'd steal a pic from the same guy... Bulleit Out of the 5 bourbons I have right now (Weller Antique 107, Wild Turkey 101, Four Roses, Woodford Reserve, and Bulleit), this is my favorite pour. I think its a relative bargain at around 23-24$. **BRENT**
  4. Forever 17... Go buy a damb car, already! **BRENT**
  5. I think you're thinking Opera Mini, not Opera Mobile. Opera Mini, I just don't get the hype. Tried it on my BB 8120 and hated it. My experience with it was on the WM5 platform vs the standard Pocket IE (which is wretched). I know a few of the reviews are reviewing hardware and software separately. I think this is probably the way to go. There seems to be be quite a few misnomers out there about the G1, though. I talked to a buddy with a 1st gen iPhone and was talking about from the specs the iPhone should destroy the G1... of course, his information had the G1 with a 200 MHz processor... had to inform him of the 528MHz dual core qualcomm. The G1 fell short of my expectations form factor wise, but is still a powerful and interesting piece of kit. The chin is more intrusive than I'd hoped when typing, and there is a SERIOUS need for a T9 or SureType virtual keyboard in the portrait mode to pop out quick texts. I have a buddy who dismisses the device as a daily carry since he can't use it one handed. He's out on the road for his job all day driving from site to site, and he's got to have one handed operation. There are plenty of apps missing from the base install G1 wise, but it kinda gives you the blank slate you need for when Android gets to say, lesser powered flip phones sans touch screen. They keyboard, once you get used to the hand position, is actually really good. I read the reviews, but I think its actually better than what most people are saying. The sides of the keys are almost flush, yes, but the center of them is raised in a slight dome... I thought it was quite nice, actually. The inclusion of the 5th row dedicated number key is INCREDIBLY nice. Yesterday I carried a 3 row qwerty, a 4 row qwerty and a 5 row qwerty. The dedicated row was one thing that people really commented on when they used the keyboard. For a good review (I read the arstechnica review, and noticed that they lived with the G1 a very short time, not long enough to give a "review" IMO, just "initial impressions".) Check out: T-Mobile G1 review - Engadget **BRENT** BTW, Reks... if there is an afterlife... it won't be Steve up there, it will be John Moses Browning... just a little FYI
  6. arstechnica didn't seem to have the phone as long as say, engadget. I read over their review... seem to only compare it to the iPhone. Its going to be compared to that for a long time, but its a pain sometimes. I'm going to have to get my hands on an iPhone and G1 at the same time and live with them both side by side. I'm a big texter (~10,000/month) and do a lot of internet and a reasonable amount of e-mail. From my experience with the iPhone keyboard, I'm REALLY going to like the G1 better. I'm really interested to see Opera Mobile on the G1. I loved it (as much as you COULD love browsing) on WM5... the G1 platform should be much better for that. Anyways... its 3:20am. I'll be spending most of the day with the wife's G1 tomorrow... should get a better feel for it. I'll get back here in a day or so with more on it. BTW... I haven't been bowled over by initial impressions of the iPhone or the G1. I think the iPhone is a MUCH slicker package, but the G1 has a few things going for it that I'd take over the iPhone any day. FWIW, I don't hate Apple at all... I just really dig cell phones, and the iPhone just didn't impress. **BRENT**
  7. Got a G1 in the mail yesterday... got to play with it a few hours last night (its the wife's). Should be getting an iPhone (1st gen) soon... its interesting... some things very nice, some... coulda used work. I think the OSis good, and once the hard launch starts up and the developer community starts addressing some shortcomings, I think it will be a good bit better. **BRENT**
  8. Happy Thursday!!!!!!!11 Hope you get some wood for your most-awesomest pair of HF-1s! **BRENT**
  9. FWIW, I'm a huge Birk fan. I wear them year round, have been through 100+ degree deserts and 3 feet of snow with them in the same week... My daily wear are these: Birkenstock | Men : Clogs : Boston Soft Footbed Black Suede The soft footbed may work out for you, and mine has kinda disintegrated over the past year and a half, but that's a good bit of wear. I lucked out and got mine on clearance (in a 45!!! (aka 12)) for half price at the local Zumfoot (formerly Birkenstock store, at least around here). I saw you got some, but for next time... **BRENT** FWIW, I also have some Milanos in Cocoa Nubuck. As much as I wanted a backstrap, I just prefer the Bostons and Arizonas (had 2 pairs Arizonas that I burned through over the years...)
  10. Its actually only 36% thicker than the iPhone 3G. 16.7mm vs 12.3mm. That isn't substantial at all considering the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is 17mm thick and the HTC Touch Pro is 18.05mm thick. FYI, the Blackberry Curve is 15.5mm thick. My current phone (Blackberry Pearl 8120) is 14mm thick. I have it in a Seidio hard shell, and find it too thin without it. I'm thinking that the G2, if released on T-Mobile, is going to be of a different design and incorporate a 3.5mm jack. I'm tempted to believe there wasn't room on the G1 to fit the jack. I think its a mistake they'll remedy in the next hardware revision. The ExtUSB port is going to be a bit of a mistake on this one. I may need to reterminate my im716s to ExtUSB instead of having an adapter. **BRENT**
  11. Woo Hoo! HTC Dream/Kila/T-Mobile G1!!!!1 Yeah... I've been an Android fanboy since last November... and will have this phone around October 24th. I'm liking this for the software, not really the hardware. Android will pop up on more than just consumer devices like this within a year or so. I've postulated that the Android OS will surpass Apple's Mobile OS within 18 months or so. This device should bee good... not amazing, not revolutionary, but good. I'm quite disappointed at the lack of the 3.5mm jack. Only a few HTC devices have this at the moment, but who knows what the next round will bring. There is a dumbphone from Samsung coming out probably in December with Android (Touchscreen phone with 5mp cam) called the T919 or Tocco or Roxy. Hopefully this will rock a mini jack, but we'll find out soon enough. Sprint is next out of the gate with an Android phone. POSSIBLY by end of year, but more likely in January. I'll take this phone over the iPhone any day, though. The QWERTY keyboard is SUCH a huge selling point for me. I'm on an 8120 now, and as good as SureType is, it just can't touch QWERTY. For heavy texters/e-mailers, I just don't see how you could stand a touch screen only device. I figure there will be a higher end android device in the coming year or so. There seem to be some security issues that need to be ironed out with bluetooth, and if there are issues there, I figure it'll take a little bit to work out exchange stuff, and whatnot. BTW... there isn't 1gig of internal memory... its an included 1gig microSD card. It holds up to 8GB microSDs, though someone just released a 16 gig one, iirc. @aardvark... there is a very good possibility of this. Its already being talked about having Android expand beyond the mobile phone OS realm. I'm not sure if/when it would come to headunits, but maybe something that would work as an integrated car unit... Now I need someone to just make me an ExtUSB terminated senn cable... **BRENT**
  12. 15.99$ now with 1 left... **BRENT**
  13. blow... me... **BRENT** P.S. No... working on other stuff b4 job
  14. Summer Atlanta Meet - July 5, 2008 (Loganville, GA) - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio I'm going to try to go if the wife feels up to keeping the kids. Coming from the greater chattavegas area. If anyone is on the way, and I can go, we could carpool or something. Otherwise its a few hours at speeds grossly exceeding the speed limit for me. Just a heads up for those who may have missed it. **BRENT**
  15. [me=MexicanDragon]is watching the clock read 8:11pm. [/me] **BRENT**
  16. Thats the thing, Biggie. He's not recommending YOU a headphone, he's recommending one to Bob. So it doesn't really matter what anyone says, he's going to buy RS-1s and then bitch about not at least TRYING 650s, 600, etc... Anyways, I still think you should get 225s with flats and 580s (with 600 grills, as I linked you to earlier). You won't take a loss on them when you sell them, you can make your money back easily then try the 650s... when you decide you want to get rid of those there will always be people selling RS-1s (or you can, heh, buy new). **BRENT**
  17. If you have a 27,000$ vinyl rig and are a DIY'er, buy 10mm and reload. If you're a girly man or need a BUG, 9mm. If you want to be right, get a 1911 in .45ACP. IMO, YMMV, blah blah blah. **BRENT**
  18. About the holes... it looks cool and it saves weight... The design on the two that you were referencing is typical for 1911s, and is called the "Double Diamond" pattern. I have something that's a bit different on mine, but you can't really see it. Gotta love Ed Brown. I almost went with a Dan Wesson CBOB last year, but the shop I was at just had it in stock in 10mm. After fondling about 12 1911s I was looking at a Colt Gold Cup, and seeing that my buddy (the shop owner) knew what I was wanting/needing, and knowing the Colt wasn't the best match, he showed me the lightly used Baer. It was a bit over my budget... but whatever. A little bartering later and I walked out with a crazy piece. Fun fun. **BRENT**
  19. Sweet Jebus, you're old! Hope the arthritis isn't flaring up too bad today... **BRENT**
  20. While we're at it... My Les Baer Custom Xtreme Tactical 1911 **BRENT** P.S. Incase you were wondering, that IS the foam from a Sennheiser HD650 box... the box is in the background.
  21. Needs black grills, deep cups... instead of gold plating, black nickel plating of the 1/4" jack, though a black 4pin XLR would be fine/preferable. You could also use them for listening to movies such as "Men in Black", "Men in Black II", "Shaft", "Pitch Black", "Black Hawk Down", etc... **BRENT**
  22. I know Erin Brokovich performed 634 sexual favors to get something done one time... did Slacker just have to do 500? [me=MexicanDragon]is confused...[/me] **BRENT**
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