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  1. Steve, part of the reason I wish to take the amp to the meet is to brag on how good a 37 year old amp makes a K1000 sound. It is also great to drive an Stax can via an energizer box. Sweet sounding unit IMO.
  2. This is great! been away for a few days and come back to see this meet. Has a hotel been selected? Steve, maybe you could go back with the Marantz 2220? I am in the process of geting a latex based expanding foam to make a good cushion for the receiver (somehow I know this phrase will get me in trouble). Cheers!
  3. Well, I did not buy it (yet) but I have on loan the production version of the HE6 as well as the prototype. I have sent a PM to some of the local members to see if there is an interest in listening to them. On Saturday or Sunday I would gladly drive to Fort Lauderdale perhaps a bit further north. Anyway pictures are available at: Picasa Web Albums - 10943715404801124... - HE-6 Orthodyn... The final version sounds IMO much better, they are easier to drive, look better, and seem to be a bit lighter. They still exert a lot of pressure but thankfully they seem to have an steel band under the leather which can be bent to suit. Cheers.
  4. Choo good to see you posting here. Hope you and your loved ones are well.
  5. If you have a Radio Shack close by you may be in luck, check out: Enercell High-Power AC Adapter : AC Adapters | RadioShack.com However at the $37 cost a new hub would be a better deal, good luck.
  6. JP#'s you may wish to read the enclosed link and if you have a multimeter check the DC offset. Cheers. Amplifier Distortion, DC-Offset, and You! - AudioKarma.org Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums
  7. I have tried to use the remote application to control the Apple TV w/ an iPhone and I can only get the remote application to work w/ iTunes. Is there an "special" remote application to download? Thanks.
  8. That would be awesome! Should get the parts by next Monday and will post pics before after the installation of the new lightbulbs. Cheers.
  9. Sorry for the late post Shelly, sad to see your friend go.
  10. Nice score Mike! Oh, and I bought a new soldering iron to replace bulbs in a Marantz 2220.
  11. Pleased to do it Steve! I may even have a better deal, kind of me being a trouble maker. If I decide to get rid of it I would give it to you for free and even ship it to you at my cost ... however ... I would hope I could convince you to build me a replica wooden sleeve like the WC22 that Marantz used to sell, in some kind of redish wood! BTW, I found the stock bulbs for the "STEREO" light as well as exact replacements for the screws that with age have a bit of surface rust. The funny part is that the bulbs/screws will cost more than the $20 I paid for the entire amp, I do not even want to discuss the S&H. The good news is the unit should not need anything else.
  12. Set up the Apple TV, "she who must be obeyed" is happily watching one of the romantic comedies flick. I also swapped the cable box for one that outputs via HDMI so the quality picture has improved considerably over the component video red/green/blue I was using. Wife is happy ... it is all good. I have also been listening to the HE-6 in Fang's loan program. So far they have sounded best out of the vintage Marantz 2220 receiver.
  13. Thanks Raffy, it is amazing how good these old receivers sound.
  14. Steve, I am in the process of buying the last two light bulbs I need so the stereo light comes on on the 2220. The one I have is in decent shape but not great and it does sound good with the Clements speakers and driving the HiFiMAN HE-6 via the speaker out. I may decide to sell since I have two, if I do so I will PM you. Price will be what I have into it, $20 plus the replacement lightbulbs and S&H. See pic below (top one).
  15. A 1973 Marantz 2220 receiver. I have cleaned and lubed all the switches/pots, cleaned the inside, and replaced 6 of the fuse style light bulbs. In the process of ordering two biamp lights so the stereo light works.
  16. Steve, if you get a chance to buy a vintage Marantz from the 70's do so. You will be surprised how good they sound and for so little money plus they can double up with an Stax energizer to drive your Lambda/Sigma cans. To give you an idea I picked up a 77-79 Marantz 2238B which only needed a couple of light bulbs and a thorough cleaning for $40. This unit is good for 38 wpc. Yesterday I picked up a 73-74 Marantz 2220 which I will be replacing burnt light bulbs, and clean all the pots and switches. This unit is working condition, it is good for 20 wpc and cost me $20.
  17. The ATV I ordered on 9/18 arrived today. Now I need to get an HDMI cable and a subscription to Netflix.
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