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  1. mrarroyo

    Audeze LCD-2

    Spend money Fitz! Dewt it!
  2. Carl, I will take a blue one in the 4XL! BTW, I may not be able to access this forum starting late next week due to a trip to Atlanta so PM this week so I can provide you with my email in order to pay you. Cheers.
  3. Carl, what is the largest size available? Thanks.
  4. Sorry to hear about your grandfather Steve. Good luck with the surgery Jacob.
  5. I arrived about 10am on Saturday and left around 1:30pm. I almost did not make it but felt it would be wrong if at least I did not show up.
  6. Sorry I could not spend as much as time as I wanted, the little time I was there was a lot of fun.
  7. I am sorry but I will be late, I was going to have to cancel but at the last minute a change is going to make it possible for me to make it. It sure looks like you all are having a great time.
  8. Steve, that is funny and sad. I had my AKG K340 checked at the AKG facility in Nashville a few years back, now they have moved the facility to another state.
  9. Although significantly more expensive the RWA Isabella with all the bells and whistles meets the criteria.
  10. Crappy, if you need a DAC to get you buy I can loan you one in about a ten days. It is not an expensive unit but for the money it sounds very good. Shoot me a PM if interested, I could take it with me to the Tampa meet or we can meet in about 10 days (Aaron is shipping the DAC I loaned him). Cheers.
  11. Steve, have you tried the Marantz 2220 w/ any of your speaker rigs?
  12. How about? For only $5.54 each when QTY 50+ purchased - Cable Sleeve kit - Blue | Package Kits
  13. mrarroyo


    I went to buy the TripleFi 10 for $99 but they are not in stock. May still order them even if it takes a month to arrive.
  14. Yes indeed, lots of "vino".
  15. Great news Shelly, hope your mum is fully recovered very soon.
  16. Thanks for all the information. I received the amp with a blown fuse, the unit was covered in grime and the yellow residue of an ex-smoker. So far all I have done is clean it up, thanks again.
  17. Tried to find the correct fuses for an amp I am working on and was not successful.
  18. Recently I obtained a circa 1977 Technics SU-7300 integrated amp. The unit has several fuses (4), of which I have not been able to find the following: 3 Amp 125 Volt (Size 1.25" by 0.25") - need one 3.3 Amp 125 Volt (Size 1.25" by 0.25") - need two The closest I have found are: 3A 3AG FUSE | AllElectronics.com Would it work two replace the 3.3 amp fuse? Thanks.
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