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  1. Very sad news indeed, wishing for the best outcome and peace for the family and friends.
  2. Very sorry to hear of both issues, my heart goes out to Zachary's family and friends.
  3. Hi guys and gals, thanks to Jim I finally have an Squeezebox 3 and the installation went fairly smooth. I have a couple of questions and was wondering if this is a good thread to post them or not. Thanks.
  4. Just ordered a pair of mini din 3-pin connectors to make a pair of cables to connect a Keces DC-115 5V to a Wadia 170i. The Keces will also power via a 5V output the Squeezebox 3 I bought from Jim, soon!
  5. I am so tempted to pick up the refurbished iPad 64Gb wi-fi only for $529. However, I wonder how soon there will be used ones available for less. Of course warranty would be none so ...
  6. Just remember they put on their pants the same way we all do! I believe in saving to have a nice EARLY retirement. Since you did not have the income you did not need it so put it away in an matching type account that you employer sponsors. Good luck again.
  7. Good luck in your job hunting, and 33% is a great increase in salary.
  8. A few LME49720HA, heat sinks, and adpater to roll on a Graham Slee SRGII amp. So far very happy with the sound.
  9. Woke up at 3:00am and was not able to go back to sleep till about 6:00am so I listened to some music and surfed the net. The 4 cylinder in the Altima is quite peppy, enjoy it.
  10. ^ Hope you like the Altima a lot and you get many years of great dependable service. I have sat and driven one and found it to be very comfortable. The two door coupe with the 3.7 liter engine is very fast!
  11. With all the good news above there should be a PARTY!
  12. Carl we will coordinate on Monday or so. Right now I am getting ready for the ham fest in Orlando this coming weekend, I hope I can make it.
  13. Carl, I have both the HM801 and HM602. If you want to borrow them let me know and we could meet on Thursday or perhaps next week for lunch.
  14. A Senn HD201 at Newegg for $12.99 including shipping. Actually I bought 3, two of which are going to be presents. For the price they sound amazingly good, heck it is probably the best buy in audio I have made.
  15. Went to an aircooled VW show in South Miami (Sunset Blvd. and US1). It was a blast, which fits the name of the show - Volkblast! I really want a pre-67 VW microbus with the split window.
  16. I like that "Bag Of Holding", could be use as a "weekender" ...
  17. Indeed, where have you been Trav?
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