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  1. chocolate protein powder (thanks Vicki) bananas almond milk ice cubes
  2. What are the good reliable fruit smoothie recipe books/sites out there? I'm looking for something that focuses on healthy (of course), but which also provides some info about calories, nutrition, etc. Obviously, one can add it all up oneself, but that's a pain in the ass. A lot of the recipes I find online basically are glorified milkshakes. Vicki, what protein powder are you using?
  3. lol, thank god Jeff started this thread because I was about to. This newsletter certainly pertains to my interests.
  4. Young Patti Smith? Where located?
  5. I like. Have subscribed to the newsletter because it is of interest to me.
  6. Violence and T&A? In.
  7. Sorry I'm late here, but happy birthday Mike!
  8. Now that Aaron Hernandez has shot everyone who has ever entered a club on the eastern seaboard.
  9. To me, absolutely yes, much less.
  10. I just watched the final scene of the Sopranos that Ric posted (for the 1000th time) and not to be too melodramatic about it or go off on a tangent, but it Gandolfini's death somehow for me really brings out the sadness in that beautiful sequence.
  11. Happy Father's Day, gang.
  12. I think that HD800 B22 pairing could end up sounding good.
  13. Posty, sorry I missed this: have you tried the 800 with the B22 yet?
  14. I saw a listing recently that startled me. Forget where it was. Admittedly, they don't come up often.
  15. The only way she will want the rMBP over the MBA is if she uses the retina screen for any length of time. Hard to explain, but it is just difficult to go back. I love this machine. But if you don't get hooked in the first place...The MBA is where the value is and it is seriously portable, which will be very, very important to a student. Of course, I couldn't even tell you where the entrance to the library is on that campus, but that's another story...
  16. Donald North Audio? Reksy, consider a used Luxman P-1u.
  17. I love that face. I was imagining something like this:
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