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  1. Thanks all!! I'm just thinking one more semester of school and my free time will be back.. and getting rid of WoW would help too
  2. wow, good job Atlanta. I thought Glavine would've raised enough money to keep the team there, but I guess they're back to 3 sports
  3. I'm bringing my 17" MBP, iPad, and iPhone with me to LA today, but I left the Mac Pro home
  4. another one bites the dust... will Phil be back next year?
  5. I'm not sure what static noise they're talking about. I haven't heard it through the SDS/LCD-2 or the KGSS/O2. I've got my Mac Pro running Fidelia > Evo/AES > D2D/I2se > SFD-2. I bought a ST cable but it's probably wrong (it's a simplex, single mode) because the D2D doesn't get any sort of signal lock from the Evo. Only major qualm I have is that compared to the Mac Pro toslink out, the Evo has about a half second delay with audio and video sync on movies. I've also run it from toslink from the Evo to the DAC, still no static, but the delay is there. I've had the same results running
  6. I heard this FF3 is more like the DS FF3 and not the SNES FF3, small differences, but far better graphics, plus new jobs?
  7. Todd, the last goal happened so fast that it seemed like it came out of nowhere. I'm glad the Habs weren't able to capitalize on the power play at the end of the 3rd!
  8. same female who played star wars
  9. Gasol had a terrible game today. I doubt this series will be as close as last year's series against the Thunder though. Also, I can't believe the Grizzlies pulled out the win without Rudy Gay. I never thought Zach Randolph would be a playoff game leader, but I figured there would be lots of surprises this time around. I'm rooting for the Bulls. I know the C's don't have what it takes this year, but I want the best team to be up against the Lakers, presumably, and I don't think it'll be the Heat. Derrick Rose is this year's MVP, and watching him progress from his days in Memphis has been a f
  10. disappointing... and with the Celtics, Red Sox both playing the way they are it's just compounding the average Boston sports fan's anxiety problem. I'd just like to get past round 1 (and see the Flyers get eliminated by the Sabres)
  11. indeed, no turning back now that i'm a convert
  12. trevorlane

    Boston Meet

    Emooze (Adrian) has put together another Boston meet Hilton Dedham 25 Allied Drive Dedham, MA 02026 Saturday May 28 10am-5pm We have the New England room (I don't remember if it's the same room as last year.) See you there
  13. Tyll isn't with HeadRoom anymore. I'd also recommend you read the link for all newbies before you post again. A quick search will give you enough information about what the consensus on Beyers are. Whoever wrote that review at HeadRoom might have liked it, but Tyll's answer is clear. If you don't agree, then I'd suggest you goto Head-Fi. Oh, don't let the door hit you on your way out.
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