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  1. I enjoy the 14k nib. It glides very nicely on the paper and feels softer than the nib on the 2000. Though I personally like the harder nib on my Sailor more.
  2. I bought a Lamy Dialog 3. I always wanted a retractable nib and this one takes the cake in my option. It's a bit thicker than a Vanishing Point but I like the 14k gold nib a ton more and the rotate to extend the nib action is superb. Pics when I remember to stop leaving it at work.
  3. I motion the name of this thread be changed then.
  4. Does anyone have a preferred vendor for teflon tube sockets or will the ones I can grab off of Ebay be fairly nice?
  5. I will remember to document my pens visually from now on for you. Rhodium plated gold nib, goes with the rest of the trim. Original
  6. That is stupid expensive for a pen I don't think looks very good. Dialog 3 looks better in my opinion. For you John:
  7. After a two month back-order, I received my Pelikan M805 Stresemann. I like it, a lot. Work still necessitates use of a ballpoint often so I laser-engraved my Zebra F701. John, putting a new nib on a Pilot Metro should be as easy as pulling out the nib and feed with a bit of strength and swapping in another from a cheaper pen. I've done this by putting the nib from a $9 Plumix onto a Prera. All the same fit.
  8. In an hour. Turned out over and scored the skin to crisp it up. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  9. We are also smoking A bit of the pork belly made it onto the smoker.
  10. Mmmm, guac I counter with tonkatsu
  11. Came out ok, I think it could be improved on. Fish sauce was definitely noticeable.
  12. Saw this today: http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/04/pressure-cooker-fast-and-easy-chicken-chile-verde.html Said, "hey, I'm in NM, I have a pressure cooker, let's make this happen" Results shortly
  13. Family left a few hours ago. Got my Masters Thursday night, shook the SECAF's hand and got rather drunk that night. Movers come on Monday.
  14. My KGSSHV took two years mainly because I am lazy but also because of getting the case right before anything got soldered to a board. Casework is serious business.
  15. The variable speed is nice because it means you don't have stuff shooting out the top. I'm not sure what the difference in speeds are in the 2-speed but I like the variable to be able to throw it on low to break up big chunks and then slowly bring it up to top speed. A refurb variable looks to be about $330 fyi.
  16. For those interested, Bean Box does subscription to some of Seattle's local roasters: https://beanbox.co/ I've been getting it for a few months now and just about everything I have gotten was not just tasty, but dang fresh. Usually only a few days after the roast date it arrived on my doorstep (Seattle to Ohio). I may have a one coupon code for 15% off for those interested.
  17. I'm not even sure what would be the point. So, yeah, bring it.
  18. Oh yes and boy, does it smell good.
  19. RIP Joe, breaking out my first good pair of cans, the SR-80s
  20. I also have the V2244. It's good for most things. I also removed the safety cutoff so it pulls a harder vacuum. This is about the only good DIY chamber sealer I've seen: http://www.fishyfish.com/bobbruce/vacuum_bagger.html
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