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  1. Tested the power supply today. Low voltage rails test out okay, regulated at +/-14.97V. Fuse blown when I tested the -500V rail. Let troubleshooting begin.
  2. Looks like a great map for KF.
  3. Happy Birthday Sharp Shooter. Edit: Colin is dead. COOOOOOLLLLLIIIN
  4. I'm in for a couple more. Could always use a couple more.
  5. Hrm. Is it because of bad regulation? Or are they very likely to fail?
  6. Those that were following my BOM need to make sure to use an isolation pad on the +/-15V regulators. Or substitute the units with 511-L7815CP and 511-L7915CP avoid ST Micro parts. On the negative rail, the tab is connected to the input pin, so the input could potentially short to the ground if isolation pads are not used... Really sorry about this.
  7. That crawfish boil looks delicious.
  8. ujamerstand

    Diablo 3

    Diablo3: The Destroyer of Productivity.
  9. He's the guy that's been selling high end electrostatic headphones at ridiculously high price.
  10. Went to Canadian Tire today to pick up a cordless phone that doesn't suck. Saw a whole line of the same 1.9ghz suckery at the store. Left disappointed.
  11. Comply foamy has been working really well for me. So if you're looking into iems, I'd definitely get some. Get the pack with 3 different sizes though, I got all mediums on the first try, and I think I could use one size larger.
  12. Go win a JH-16 in a raffle.
  13. Now that I think about it, dad's internet is probably a legacy plan from the 2000s too. Comparing the price of that plan to what's offered now though, it's not a good deal at all. Are you sure that's the fastest speed you can get? Maybe there are cheaper and faster plans available now?
  14. Cool. Now, If we can also get a diy stat headphone kit going as well that would be awesome!
  15. $65+tax for 3mbit line... That seems really expensive for very little... Do you at least get a large cap?
  16. Happy Birthday Ari. I drew you with a R10 cake.
  17. Awesome build! How does it sound with the buffalo dac?
  18. I knew we were getting ~2.6Mbps for a long time. Just had assumed that dad would be paying much less than 70 dollars a month.
  19. Found out our internet company (Bell) has been cheating my dad $40 a month with their sub-par service. At $70 dollars a month he should be getting a lot better than 2.6Mbps.
  20. Hmm.. interesting. Got it. Edit: Right. Drew it out, and it should be swapped in both cases. Don't know why I thought otherwise.
  21. I think it depends on where you flip the connection. In my case, I think I need to do that. But in eggil's case, he won't need to. I could be wrong though... Hmm. We should probably make a spreadsheet of the most important comments in this thread. We can split the thread up to speed up the process. Anybody want to help out?
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