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  1. Well, if the dust covers are not done right, they can affect the sound. In the early days, I made my dust covers as tight as the diaphragm, and those indeed affected the sound, especially the bass. On the newer headphones I make, I crumple the Mylar and only give it a light stretch to make the dust covers. And they don't make any difference in sound. I happen to own a pair of Martin Logan. I feel that the integration of their ESL and the subwoofer is not that great. I very much perfer my DIY Full range ESL.
  2. The charging time of 20-30 mins can be a real problem. With a good coating, the diaphragms should charge up instantaneously.
  3. Thank you Kevin and Birgir for your kind words. I'm so glad to hear.
  4. Those look more like DIY headphones to me.
  5. Hi Kevin, How do you connect a delay board to drive the high voltage switch in the current high voltage boards?
  6. Hi JoaMat, How does it sound compares to T2? Do they sound very similar?
  7. Unfortunately, it's impossible to check the diaphragm without opening up the housing and disassembling the driver.
  8. I'm building the GG right now and I'm wondering what R current limiter I should use?
  9. Keep them coming. I'll buy a bigger house.
  10. Congrats Kevin. Looking forward to seeing more amps.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the version 2.0.
  12. The speakers look really nice with new legs.
  13. A lot of time recoating the drivers can solve the imbalance problem. If it doesn't, there might be a leak of the bias voltage somewhere. Please check also the cable and all of its solder joints.
  14. Received the package. Thank you very much.
  15. Hi JoaMat, I think you should try to make your own headphones. It'll be a lot of fun.
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