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  1. I don't have good experience with those red resistors. On my DIY T2, I had to take a lot of them out. Your noise could very well come from those.
  2. What was the actual cause of the problem?
  3. I bought a pair of these headphones because I really wanted to see how good they could be and to support this new comer. My experience is pretty much similar to Birgir's. I like the build quality. The clamping force on the head isn't that much, which is a good thing. However, it can be a bit too loose. The headphones almost fell out of my head a few times. About the sound, they sound very similar to my Omega clone. I might be a bit bias, but my Omega clone has just a bit better bass extension. Overall, I would say that the phones are very nicely built. The headband can use some improvement. The price, IMO, is a bit pricey putting it in a similar price range as the Stax SR007.
  4. Don't worry too much about the offset 20-30V voltage. It will not hurt your headphones at all.
  5. Dear Michael, Please add one more main board for me. So, the new total is 4 main boards. The rest are correct. Many thanks. Wachara C.
  6. I would like to add for 2 partially assembled GRHVXXX boards, please.
  7. A Raspberry Pi + Hifi-berry DAC + Volumio could be a good choice.
  8. Inside the Stax SRD unit, there are a pair of step up transformers for audio signal and a step up voltage circuit for the bias voltage. The audio signal needs to be amplified a lot for it to be played on the electrostatic headphones. Many of electrostatic amps can swing the audio signal to over +/- 400V. The bias voltage for electrostatic headphones also needs to be stepped up from the main AC voltage. For Stax headphones, the bias voltage is 580V. So, the amplified audio signal together with this bias voltage of 580V can actually be more than 1KV.
  9. You guys make me want to go back to play with my CNC again. I haven't touched It for almost 2 years.
  10. Could it possibly be this kind of JFet?
  11. Make sure that you let me know when you come again next time. Let’s have a beer together.
  12. Aumkar and I had a good time on Saturday. We started the day with a short city tour. I took him to visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, and Wat Poh. Then we had lunch with a few of my headphones lover friends. After that, we had a mini headphones meeting. At the meeting, we had Stax SR007 MK1, SR009, My DIY Orpheus Clone, Omega Clone, JF Clone, and of course Aumkar's RR1 headphones. I brought my KGSSHV Carbon, KGST, and KG Grounded Grid, and my friend brought his DIY 300B single ended amp. The RR1 showed very good performance with all the amps we tried. The treble was just right and the bass was impactful and deep. I think they're good headphones for fast music. Aumkar kindly gave me a pair of RR1 and an extra pair of drivers for me to play with. Here are some pictures of the stators, spacers, and dust shield. I'm very impressed to hear that he actually machines down the 4 mm aluminium sheet to 0.8 mm so that he can have the absolutely flat stators. The look and feel of the headphones are good. Aumkar told me that all the cups are 3D printed, sanded, and painted in house. With all these labor intensive works, the result is quite impressive. I basically can't tell that these components are 3D printed at all. All my Thai friends like his headphones and have already asked me to help place their orders with Aumkar.
  13. I think you've stretched the diaphragms too much.
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