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  1. hes such a nice guy. It was kinda cool that he signed autographs after the concert. But waiting in front of ~20 year old socialite girls asking him out is not so cool
  2. Well this is just a possible buy of an Accuphase CD player.
  3. ok I see. Its probably going to be a POS $5 step up converting thing. BTW, how much was your "regulated" one?
  4. I thought the total size of the im716 was smaller. So I can do the cool shure wire-flip-over-ear thing!
  5. the er4s hurt the outside of my ear! hopefully the im716 doesnt have such a gay design
  6. If an amp/source was going from 220v to 110v or vice versa, is there a decrease in SQ?
  7. grado construction sucks more then it used to
  8. weeds, just finished season 2 fucking awesome!
  9. jinp6301

    slow forum

    ha! so thats what he looks like now!
  10. http://www.clarkandmichael.com/ holy shit, its the same level as Arrested Development, which as everybody knows is genius
  11. but the ibasso has optical and coax! but almost def justins thing is going to sound so much better, the amp part on the ibasso sucks (or so im told)
  12. saw joshua bell and mozart's requiem performed by the Mostly Mozart House Orchestra Joshua was friggin great, Requiem wasnt so great. Made me very sad that requiem wasnt that great
  13. If yours looks like that, then I feel bad for you
  14. they have a similar thing at my school, its so retarted. but yea, Ive been getting my music at the local library when I was back home but in school, it fucking blows. Even the college radio station's (which I just quit from ) library doesnt even have a decent collection of classical music. Damn, I hate that place
  15. really? I couldnt find that much stuff on SK
  16. doesnt someone jumping down your throat hurt a lot?
  17. I'm cheap and poor so I cant afford to buy music as often as I would like to so Where the hell can I get some classical musizz, son? Particularly looking for Prokofiev's violin concertos
  18. i love these smileys, at least theyre better then the weird spazzy looking ones on the other site
  19. well I do like to wear my asses like a hat
  20. thank you admins bless you forever!!! :
  21. you hurt my feelings now I can flue you for emotional damage right? EDIT: wtf, I cant spell snue?
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