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  1. I will try to attend if I’m able. Purk you have me itching to hear the gxs and or gsx mini with a good dac compared to the Sony ES
  2. I got it for a decent price and will likely have if for a while so if I resell close to this I'd be happy.
  3. I really liked the Brooklyn Bridge when I heard it. It’s somewhat $$$ at 3k but sounds nice and massively convenient
  4. Purk if the TA-ZH1ES is 85% of the GXS mini + Yggy that must sounds mind blowing as the Sony just arrived and I find it outstanding
  5. Happy Birthday Steve!! Hope you had a great one ??
  6. Could be a viable option along with my metic halo?
  7. I would love to go gsx-2 + uber day but I am looking at t smaller footprint both physically and $. I decided that the utopia with a somewhat lesser set up was > to my current headphone/s (RS-1 - ATw3k) and BA/Yggy.
  8. Purk have you compared the TA-zh1es to the nw-wm1a as a day amp? I am using the wm1a plugged into my MBP streaming both tidal and Qobuz and the sound is great with the utopia. Is the ta-zh1es that much better?
  9. thanks folks - had a great mini vacation in Cuba with cigars, rum, music food and sights. thank you all for the birthday wishes and kind thoughts
  10. Yo Stretch, Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one
  11. Happy Birthday my friend - may there be beer, whiskey, knives and watches!!
  12. Happy Birthday my friend
  13. Happy Birthday Shelly!! Hope you have a wonderful day
  14. jp11801


    oddly builds in the 70s and 80s were largely maligned - my friend had a 74 clear finish LP that was just so so but by contrast my friends 68 335 was dynamite sounding
  15. Shelly I am pretty sure that talent Relations is the pro audio arm of JHA - musicians get a discount off list (I believe).
  16. Happy Birthday Al!!!! Hope you had a great birthday, no beard but toasting you with a dram
  17. Happy Birthday Bonnie, I hope you had a great birthday
  18. Nate - Happy Birthday cheers
  19. Dan I hope you have a fantastic Birthday
  20. Happy B-day Colin!! Here's to hoping the beer is sour and the day is sweet
  21. Happy Birthday Gene!! Cheers to you!!
  22. thanks folks (especially Mike) who is making me some tasty ribs!!
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