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  1. We'll my iPhone 6plus is getting laggy and the 7 is a non-starter for me (no headphone jack). I am giving up hope that Apple will go back to a 3,5 mil hp jack so enter the LG V20. I am trying to strip down my smart phone and basically use the phone - dap- camera-maps-email function but get away from instagram/facebook blah blah blah. So anyone here use the LG, I know Peter was a pretty big supporter. I would likely use Neutron as a player and load a large micro sd. I tried to read the HF thread but at 170+ pages with 90/10 noise to signal I gave up.
  2. Yo Craig - Happy Birthday
  3. I thought they were good but not that good but heck what do I know
  4. Purk I thought similar, well made and good for the price . I don't need or at least am trying to keep the headphone collection to a minimum, if I wasn't I'd likely have a pair at least for an extended stay at the house.
  5. That was a steal of a final price providing no major work was needed. My PX-2 is my go to table, I still have Stretch's old Origin Live Sovereign sitting in the box waiting for me to sell it. On another note the newish Hana carts are fucking stunning and a stupid great deal at $750. I just bought the SH and wish I had picked up the SL but the dealer I bought from said they all are awesome even the $450 model. If you are in the market you will absolutely not be disappointed.
  6. comment make me no smile when HD 800 come over to brain ear when Audeze make sweet sunshine in my head then biscuit that cost $.59 yummy
  7. darts are really a personal feel type of thing, I threw for years in a bar league in NYC and went through many types of darts. I loved this style for a while https://www.amazon.com/Bottelsen-Hammer-Tungsten-Gorilla-Diameter/dp/B005I0I8WY/ref=pd_sbs_200_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B005I0I8WY&pd_rd_r=2GM42R97E14SC0HCHR2A&pd_rd_w=facCR&pd_rd_wg=Gaiyh&refRID=2GM42R97E14SC0HCHR2A In the end it is all about mental focus and flawless technique. Some nights the target looks so big that I crushed games 501 double in double out and some nights I played like Ray Charles.
  8. back from the dead - rise thread rise ! Any new thoughts on this topic? I use an Ikea poang now but find it really bothers my forearms and elbows during long sessions in a way that Mike's Eames knock off did not. Look at a knock off/reproduction Eames any suggestions - the Manhattan Design version looks really good but on the pricier end for a knock off. http://www.manhattanhomedesign.com/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman.html
  9. Do you still have the Maggies? I still recall those sounding stunning in your set up!
  10. Fired up the vinyl rig after two years - damn I forgot just how great vinyl can be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jealous!! Looking for Japan imports gets pricy quick on eBay and if you find a Denon DL-S1 for under $600 it is a steal and great sounding cart
  12. YMMV but me experience with using the Metic Halo UNL - 8 was positive compared to analog phono pre amps in that sub $2k range. Not that some units like Eddie Current's or some vintage units didn't have their appeal but on the whole the MetricHalo held it's ground and then some. I'd like to get back to a tube based phono pre at some stage of my life but for now digital RIAA the mic pre amps in the MH unit are fine. Be careful getting into the rabbit hole of needle drops as I lost countless saturdays to recording, tick and pop erasing, track separation and tagging. Fun but time consuming
  13. jp11801

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    Steve to your point of "my" vs "the" reference I totally understand. Back in the early 90s buying speakers the Vandersteen 3c was all the rage but I could never understand why as they always sounded disconnected from the music. The Alon 2 alternately always connected me to the music immediately, it didn't make the either speaker the reference as both were highly regarded entry to mid proced "audophile" speakers. Funny enough today my speakers are studio monitors (Genelec 8050) and for years I fed them with the Metric Halo UNL-8 both of which would have been commonplace in studios but many sound engineers love this combo and some hate this combo. Neither is correct for some it allows them a reference to perform their jobs and for others it gets in the way of doing their job. Now the measurements Tyll don't look great, weirdly the LCD-X measure better but I find myself listening to the Sony more often. One would have thought that Sony would have measured their headphones during the development stage. Talking to the Sony team they seemed more science that headphone cottage industry magic people.
  14. jp11801

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    as the odd man out I really like these and prefer them to most headphones that I have heard in the $1500 - $2500. At least on the ECBA there is moderate amounts of bass but it never overshoots the mids.
  15. Man this sucks, RIP Gregg. I have seen the ABB more times than any other band and they never failed to hit the note! Man 69 is just too damn young to go.
  16. Brent Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!!!
  17. Happy Birthday Raffy!! Miss you bud, hope you had a great day
  18. Playing a drop of the music matters 45 rpm - love this album
  19. Cheers Jeffy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Raffy is the king of Jenga Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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