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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mmmmmm biscuits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. OMG the long thought extinct Monkey has been sighted!!!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Good times Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. First time ever staying in Times Square, fuck me feel like a tourist Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. coffe in process - Amtrak departs 0933 - see you all soon
  6. Nate I'll be in around the same time as you 1215 at Penn St
  7. Rattle and Hum is a great stop if you are waiting on a train given the Penn Station proximity, it is not a stop I'd recommend over G-Man. There are plenty of places I'd recommend over G-Man but none that would give us a good spot to connect with Stretch. Let's keep it simple and start at G-Man. Sunday I will likely bow out of brunch/ramen... and hit CanJam for a few hours. I need (really it is a want) to replace my lost pair of JH13s and would like to test the recent competitors before handing the grand over to JHA. It is incredibly unlikely that we'll all going to want to do the same stuff over the course of 2 days but we may be able to keep it to 2-3 groups and if we post here it will give folks a good idea of options.
  8. Happy Birthday Mike hope you had a great one!
  9. Jim is not allowed to bail! Dusty when you roll into Penn Station text MPI and we can direct you from there. If we are still at other half or prime meats then hop on the F train if not wherever we are it's likely we'll be accessible by subway.
  10. shit forgot about the early start for can sales at Other Half, thanks for bringing that up! Well at least there is a few places in Carrol Gardens (Brooklyn) to grab a coffee or b-fast. Will really need to pace myself if we start early!
  11. Jeff awesome news! Not sure where everyone's head is at but can we get a roll call for Saturday and Sunday? For Saturday I was thinking we could make a pilgrimage to Other Half Brewing in Carrol Gardens Brooklyn. This is a must for a visit to NYC as they make some of the best IPAs and some pretty great stouts as well. They open at noon and the tasting room proper is tiny and fills quickly. If there is a can release that day it does compound the crowding. I'd suggest everyone grab some late breakfast/brunch then plan on being at Other Half at 11:30 or 11:45. If we do not grab a spot in the starting room we can stand and chat and taste their beers in the brewery. Not a bad option but it is open and SRO in that space.Those staying in NYC can either meet up before hand or meet at Other Hand. We'll need to take the F train to the Smith and 9th street stop. Fun fact this is the highest elevation stop in the NYC Subway. http://www.otherhalfbrewing.com Prime Meats is a short walk from Other Half and could be a great stop for a burger, steak or german sausage. Pretty popular place but at 2-3 o'clock might not be too crowded. http://www.frankspm.com/menuBrunch.html
  12. Steve as you well know Headfi sends their drug dealers, murderers and rapists... oh and some good people how I wish we had a deportation force to send the wankers back over the wall/fence to HF
  13. Jeff I have a mojo and love it but I do have to say WTF on the Poly costing the same as the Mojo. Cool idea I just didn't figure I was buying half a DAP with the other half coming 16 months after the first. I am curious to see how well integrated the Poly Mojo feels after snapping them together. I hate traveling looking like Macgyver, between the phone, camera cable, usb cable strapped to the mojo.
  14. now all we need is an official HC t-shirt!
  15. Yet... I likely would't pay $40 for the service as at almost $500 a year I could purchase 25 downloads and own them. At say $25 it becomes more difficult as I would pay $5 more for access to a growing catalog of high res.
  16. the MQA David Bowie stuff sounds great and yeah Mike B Grateful Dead live at Nassau Coliseum sounds stellar. I hope they don't jack the price for the masters mqa streaming.
  17. Happy totally random Birthday Alex!!!
  18. most if not all of the high res stuff now on Tidal as MQA are/were available on HD tracks as 24/96 and or 24/192. Sounds pretty great streaming and likely not a 16/44 repackage given the titles are all recent high res.
  19. OMG please go find another forum to troll
  20. Andy thanks! Every once and a while I feel like the yggy has some hardness is the treble but other than that I love it.
  21. Did you listen to the Holo from I2S just out of curiousity? I was thinking of heading over to the dac shootout in DC on Sunday. They are pitting the holo against the yggy and the codex.
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