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  1. Happy Birthday Gene!! Cheers to you!!
  2. thanks folks (especially Mike) who is making me some tasty ribs!!
  3. reviving this thread as it is Vicki's B-day all over again!
  4. Purk I absolutely agree that the gen 5 is a great step up over the old card!
  5. Haven't made the purchase yet I splurged on the MBP so I am waiting a bit for the new chair. I am concerned about the reflective issue with a head rest but also want to be comfortable.
  6. I was on the list for upgrade waited 10 days or so and barely moved 2-3 slots forward on the list so I cancelled and ordered the gen 5 board for self install. Not difficult at all just a shit ton of screws to get to the boards.
  7. well worth the $100 to self install and I got the board in 3 days after waiting 2 plus weeks on the upgrade list. If you order the board check out the how to over at SABF it saved me a lot of time and frustration.
  8. One of my favorite records for both music quality and sound
  9. love this new machine (2017 13" MBP) super fast and shockingly compact coming off a 2011 MBP 15. Worth every penny of the $1800 they want tor it. Getting used to the lack of variety of ports and the dongle bullshit but all things considered a great machine.
  10. I was really interested in this at first and held off, having listened to the Tidal stream of the record I am generally impressed. It fucks with a masterpiece but is a really goo modern take IMO. Anyone here own the record or the ridiculous deluxe $100+ version with DVD and Blu ray? I am interested in any gains with the 24/96 but not sure I want to spend the cash on it unheard.
  11. fuck! just ordered a 13 - MBP the $1700 model so is 8gb going to be annoying? I can probably try it out for a while then switch to 16mb within the return period. Also is apple care worth the $$? Thanks I am planning on selling my 2011 MBP and 2011 mini to partially fund this madness, thinking I'd get $400-500 for the MBP and same for the mini. Both are upgraded with a SSD. I couldn't resist the new MBP form factor.
  12. Another nice hike today on the Flat Rock Trail
  13. Nice hike at Hawk Mountain in PA, while the hike was listed as hard I was not expecting the intense scrambles that lasted for seemed like about a mile. The view at the top was worth it!
  14. Yo, Mike hope you are having a great B-day
  15. Wow Shelly that place is stunning Did the Pinnacle 9 mile Appalachian Trail hike yesterday and a 2.5 mile 20lb ruck today - now being boring and drinking tumeric and ginger tea
  16. Dusty, thanks! For patio use I have the Mojo but I just got the Ety ER4SR and they absolutely sound way better out of the Mojo than my iPhone 6plus. Hoping this will be a nice step up from the iPhone even if it is potentially not as good as the Mojo. Pisses me off that the quad day kicks in at 50 ohms or more and the Ety is 45.
  17. V20 ordered should have it early next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Dusty load the V20 with tunes and LMK what you think. [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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