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  1. From Mouser: 9 X 647-UKZ1E221MHM = $3.42 7 X 647-UKZ1E101MPM = $2.38 9 X 647-UPW1H331MPD = $5.85 7 X 647-UPW1H331MPD = $2.52 Being able to say your M3 has boutique caps that were cheaper then the standard caps = priceless. the UKZ caps are only rated at 25 volts instead of 50 volts for the UPWs which after the diode drop should not be an issue with a Q11 configured to output 24 volts. Sound wise I dunno if there is enough difference to warrant the added $, especially since you already have the UPWs.
  2. Busy day today... Marian Hossa moving on to play for the blackhawks was a bit of a suprise.
  3. "Marine" Because she kills everything she can catch.
  4. Do you have a picture of how the zobels are connected? (Sounds more like a wiring error then any sort of issue with the Jack to me)
  5. Me to but I thought this one was pretty cool.
  6. Mister X

    True Blood

    She is a Maenad.
  7. People? Can't you just measure the current draw of each amp board and figure the rest out by yourself?
  8. It is rather stoopid that XP compatibility mode is not available in the home version.
  9. I almost forgot. DIY club offers a couple of different volume control kits as well. Here is the link-------> DIYCLUB You can find a lot of the same stuff on Ebay Here is a random example: Hi-End Volume Control DIY Kit,LED, Remote Control /V-02 - eBay (item 250349671795 end time Jun-27-09 20:43:25 PDT) And... It may be a good idea to pick some op-amps that are a better synergy match for your headphones? (bright op-amps with bright headphones = an unpleasant experience!)
  10. The Cardas quad eutectic solder is a little easier to work with and I kinda like the way it smells but I would not suggest there is a notable sonic difference between it and random eutectic solder.
  11. Check out Dantimax - Remote control audio kits for an input selector + digital volume control. 1) Changes to R1 have very insignificant impact on the performance of the M3. 2) Yes. 3) I do not see any reason to change those either. 4) Maybe your parts list is what is obsolete? Because there are a myriad of 2N3904/2N3906s in stock at Mouser. What's a supply voltage higher then 24 going to do for you except add more heat?
  12. X3. Did anybody else notice that was his 1000th post?
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUSDS9pkA2Y Whooah, you're half way there
  14. Heh, I really need to learn to pay attention. Stello not Lavry.... :palm: :palm:
  15. It kind of looks like this one---> SJ-630X - 6.4mm right-angle stereo jack CUI Inc. (can't tell from your picture if it is threaded into the hole in the panel) I think I would phone them and see what the damage is if they maybe will send you a replacement for it.
  16. Will have to wait and see what adjustments the Hawks make... If they continue to give up odd-man rushes every other shift it's going to be a short series.
  17. I dunno, Other then the call on Hudler I thought the refs did a pretty good job of letting the players play. Not policing up that errant stick was pretty sloppy though.
  18. Pfew... now I can breathe again. :)
  19. For those are that are interested, Windows 7 RC is now available for download by anybody who wishes to be a Microsoft Beta tester. Windows 7 Release Candidate Customer Preview Program
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