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  1. Seconded. The results were kinda cheesy but it worked as intended.
  2. I am curios Ed, what would happen if you let your dog (assuming you still have one) just freely roam around and pee all over your neighbors stuff.
  3. The mental image of seeing the cat's reaction to being blasted with a fire extinguisher is what struck me as laugh out loud funny not the effectiveness. Sorry if I gave you that impression.
  4. lol @ a Fire extinguisher. Now that I think about it I doubt if hot sauce would work either. Did you try them in a super soaker?
  5. Amazon.com: Feliway (75mL) Spray: Kitchen & Dining And while the ExLax idea is rather amusing idea I would suggest not because it can kill cats and I doubt they would eat anything that contains it anyhow. I would lean more twards hot sauce. Put a couple of little puddles of it on the deck right were they walk and watch as they try to lick it off.
  6. I dunno that I agree, I think it's pretty gaudy. Does teh kitty work better like this?
  7. Mods on a forum that has no rules..... kinda like man nipples but you get my vote.
  8. Somebody else making the enclosures for them? Every single enclosure manufacturer that I know of will cut, stamp, paint, anodize, print or otherwize customize their product to the customers specifications. The question is: Will the buyer pay the premium for a custom enclosure? Actually now that I think about it the better question is: why make a buyer pay for some stupid printing all over their amp if they don't want or like it? It's like here, you can have this Xp in a plastic case for $50 or have it in an aluminum enclosure for $110. And if you want....Add $40 for custom panels. Ironically someone here actually chose the $50 option.
  9. You and everybody else that read that. OUCH!
  10. Ouch.... makes me wonder why they bothered with a class D chip as well. Especially with 4 AAA batteries.... The case is pretty novel though
  11. Favorite is hard....if I knew that I would only own one headphone instead of 15. Least favorite is easy. K-601s.
  12. I think you may have.... I dunno if I like those side pieces you made or not. (they are just kinda sitting there in that picture)
  13. Somebody needs to beat you with a common sense stick then because if you think for one second that I am gonna run a group buy for a "SOHA buffer" without testing them in a SOHA you need it worse then I already thought. (I would have thought you had learned by now to be more careful with what you say to me)
  14. Could not tell a difference in the sound between the two in a balanced beta 22 The feel was pretty close as well
  15. (auction picture) RC10B3 on Ebay for $49 It looks a little better without all of that dirt. And to save me from posting a reply in the what was the last thing you made thread: I made the seller very mad when I posted negative feedback. The asshat charged $19 shipping and the actual postage was $8
  16. I put my train drivers hat on and an hour later this is what I came up with: Presenting the H-C 1 pocket amplifier concept. Features: Three channel design featuring individual red enamel coated SOT-23 ultra fast high current op-amps for each channel. No capacitors in the signal path for optimal true to life sound quality. User replaceable 800mAH Lithium Polymer battery block with integrated low voltage and overcharge protection. Built in quick battery re-charger circuit with charge status indicators. (estimated battery life is 60 hours, recharge time is 4 hours) Projected per unit cost: $240 each Estimated Lead time: is 2 years enough? What do you think?
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