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  1. Oh hell no! You can't post something like that and not show us pictures of the fried amp. > Or at least tell us what you did.
  2. here is the link to the cheesy video version of this months newsletter. http://news.national.com/ct?g=1.6ptis.zp6.rs.0.95no3.evu4&i=233352&h=1
  3. The names are explained here---> http://www.djgardner.com/headphone/gilmore/ Or should I say Dan tries to explain the names there?
  4. They do have a pretty nice sound but I could never get over how they fit. And I got real sick of picking them up every time I moved my head a little to quickly.
  5. Thanks folks. I hope you that all had a nice holiday. (even if it wasn't a holiday where you live. )
  6. I kinda like the 2SC3422/2SA1359 combo because of their bass (they are just a tad on the warm side as well) but the final decision ultimately depends on what kind of sound you want from the amp.
  7. looks good to me.... and since we moved Imageering allowed me to make a new account and they said I will get a second order rebate. How many prototypes you wanna order? (i punched in a quote for ten boards and the price was only $17 each but I guessed at the board dimensions so.....)
  8. My vote is neither with the SR225s. I prefer the CK2III with the Grados just because the bass hits so much harder. The catch here is the default output transistors are not exactly the best match for the SR225s (they are on the bright side and that is the last thing those cans need IMO)
  9. I am willing to bet it features a boomer chip (like the LM4910)
  10. Good question..... because most portable sources actually output more power then that amp does. Maybe it's the whole "OMG teh base is so much mo betta with this amp" thing? Assuming of course that you like warm sloppy bass.
  11. This one was blatantly stolen from the [H] funniest picture thread.
  12. Noun S: (n) harangue, rant, ranting (a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion) S: (n) bombast, fustian, rant, claptrap, blah (pompous or pretentious talk or writing) Verb S: (v) rant, mouth off, jabber, spout, rabbit on, rave (talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner) GAH... now I need a dictionary to look up the definitions
  13. lol, you are not the only one.
  14. I had a schematic for those at one time but wouldn't you know it.... I can't find it now. Email them and ask them if they will send you a copy. (that is how I got one)
  15. This one is beggin for an orly photochop
  16. I don't think you have to worry about saying the Hornet is a rip off here. In fact if someone took a poll I think you would find many of us agree......
  17. Mister X

    5 Favorites?

    You know what's worse? It took me this long to pick five. In no particular order: Tool, Lateralus. The Allen Parsons Project, I Robot Pink Floyd, Animals Dave Matthews Band, Crash A Perfect Circle, Thirteenth Step But I am still on the fence about that one because Judas Priest Rocka Rolla and Black Sabbath Mob Rules both get more play time these days.
  18. Mister X

    5 Favorites?

    Call me indecisive but I cannot pick just one so..... If you were asked what your 5 favorite albums are what would you say?
  19. Mister X

    new tool album

    lol, so did I but I don't see 10000 days eclipsing Lateralus.
  20. Mister X

    new tool album

    A couple of months later....... I am sorry but this effort pales in comparison to Lateralus. There is just to much filler and no flow between the tracks.
  21. I can't understand why you think it is your place to tell the other members of this forum that they should stop bitching about Head-fi and contribute something constructive. When did you become the constructive post police? And. please, while you are typing a reply to this line of crap please indicate to me which is worse. Somebody bitching about head-fi or somebody bitching about people bitching about head-fi. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.
  22. Excuse me while I interrupt this thread for a second. How did that work out for you PsychoZX ?
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