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  1. I was making a self-deprecating joke about myself (hence the "p-value is okie dokie" and "what works for the Grado HP-2 is valid for other phones"), that I guess didn't come out very well. I used to run double-blind tests on cables and shit, that you probably don't remember, and blabbered about them constantly, thinking I was hot shit. I never ran a test between modded 414s and flats. I don't think modded 414s ever sounded all that great, though.
  2. You have to mod the 414 pads, and I've double blinded it: they don't sound as good as the flats. 30 percent of listeners declare them as sounding worse than flats, as opposed to 10 percent the other way. With 10 people, the p-value is okie dokie. This was done with HP-2 headphones, but I think it's valid for other Grado phone.
  3. Fight Club. I haven't seen this since high school. I saw it for the first time in the theater. I now recognize how much this influenced me. Perfect movie for 16 year olds exploring politics. It's really good. Also really stupid. I love David Fincher. Glad I grew out of this. Fincher is great, though: his Zodiac is still the best mainstream movie from 2000-2010, in my opinion. If anybody ever directed a movie version of Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, I'd want it to be Fincher.
  4. It's been a long time since I've had dessert. Cheers, mate.
  5. I'm using a 10 year old pair of flats on my RS-1s, and they haven't turned to powder at all.
  6. EdipisReks1


    I loved the Radiohead on the player piano. I'm also worried about Elsie. And the designers of the hosts broke Jacob's first rule of robotics: never make your AI sexbots faster and stronger than people! The Terminator is not a how-to guide!
  7. Awesome! That amount of horsepower and that speed result (while impressive) also explains why the Veyron looks like a well-used bar of soap!
  8. Had a great fancy brunch, then played board games.
  9. He's asking how much power the car is making.
  10. I guess i didn't. comment retracted.
  11. The T1s are 600 ohm. I owned the DT880-600 (which I think are a real bargain for the $175 they go for), and they also definitely liked OTL amps better than solid state. I don't think there is any "masking" going on, I think it's just impedance match, more than anything else. It's been ages since I've heard either. I'd love to hear the K1000 again.
  12. I was comparing them to my first pair of HD-800s, and like I said, I had them for about 6 months, so there was a lot of comparing. I think the HD-800 was a bit better, on average, but there were quite a few things I preferred about the T1. The Beyers didn't seem to like solid state amps all that much, but they sure sang with the SP Extreme and good glass.
  13. Incorrect. I had Al's pair for about 6 months, and when driven well, it's excellent.
  14. More headphones, not fewer. I've decided to skip this. The Tesla T1, a much better pair of phones than the HD650, in my opinion, can be found for as cheap as $400, used, now. That is my next pair, I think.
  15. I should have bought a pair when I had the chance at a decent price. 10 years ago.
  16. The whole interior surface of the pan should be seasoned prior to use, in my opinion. A little oil on the bottom isn't going to hurt, but don't season the bottom. A little soap and a soft sponge isn't going to hurt the seasoning, btw, Mike.
  17. Marc, send me the LP. I'm happy to let you know how it goes.
  18. It sounds to me like something is making the left channel sound louder than it actually is, and it's showing up as overbearing bass on this album, just because of the way it's recorded. I'd definitely swap channels, and see what happens.
  19. On the CD, the bass is definitely almost entirely on the left (and Evans is mostly on the right). Just a recording quirk, but it might make the bass seem overbearing, depending on your setup. I'm listening with headphones, now (RS-1), and the channel difference is fairly irritating, but that's just how the album is. The bass line, even on headphones, isn't any louder than anything else, particularly. You can tell that the bass was miked fairly close. The drums are pretty well centered.
  20. No, not particularly. It's not the best recorded album ever, but the bass isn't standing out for me as being a problem. This is with my speakers. Is there a particular track where it's standing out for you the most?
  21. I have the AP cd. The bass sounds fine to me.
  22. Again, Zach, there is no requirement that you be an asshole. Just in case you didn't read the fine print.
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