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  1. I have a hard time thinking that anybody who doesn't like the Reverso is much of a horlogerie fan. That's like not liking the Tudor Submariner, or a vintage Speedy, or a Patek 3940 (one of which I briefly owned in June: I never put it on, I just bought it and, a week later, sold it for a $5,000 profit. I wish I could have kept it). I have my Horween Shell Cordovan clone of the Casa Fagliano by Jan Ruzinsky on the watch. it's pretty much perfect. I would have him make the buckle end slightly longer, if I had this strap made again, but it's otherwise just right. I had the buckle end made to 16mm, so that I could use my early '60s vintage JLC buckle. The strap perfectly fills the difficult Grande Reverso lugs. I had it made in Horween Shell #8. I have three pairs of Shell #8 shoes, and two other pairs of oxblood shoes, so it will continue to work very well with blue and grey suits, but the new strap makes the watch more casual and versatile. I can always put the large scale OEM Alligator strap back on, with 18mm JLC buckle, for formal use.
  2. I recently upgraded from my early 70s Hitachi Linn clone to a Micro-Seiki DD-35. Using the same Sumiko Pearl cart. It's a big upgrade. I bought my first Music Matters 45 (Cape Verdean Blues), and it sounds amazing!
  3. I haven't loved the second season. I haven't even bothered watching the most recent 3 or 4 eps.
  4. There is enough 4k content coming out that I'd be slightly interested in upgrading, even though I still absolutely adore the 60 inch Samsung Plasma, if OLED is finally starting to mature. OLED has been the "next thing" for a good long while...
  5. I wish it were the Tribute to 1931 (I couldn't afford it), but I love the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin. It certainly helps that I'm an Art Deco fan. At about 7mm, it certainly slips under a shirt cuff well. My Latvian watch maker has cloned the Casa Fagliano strap for me, in Horween #8, and I look forward to receiving it soon.
  6. I had the first excellent class in my doctoral program. I also came back home.
  7. This is a serious album to listen to with some vintage RS-1s.
  8. I still love my Thiel CS 2.4. I have since replaced the Hitachi with a Micro Seiki
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