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  1. Of course we do. He cares about Donald Trump.
  2. I'd much rather have a wrap than dip.
  3. Much like the people who like to jay walk while wearing black hoodies. I almost hit one last night.
  4. I sincerely hope it's never necessary for you. I think my gunsmith would do it for $50. That's not true. Solar luminosity will increase, in the future, as Sol changes from a main sequence to a giant star. As ocean temps increase, due to the increased solar average, CO2 will be boiled out into the atmosphere, and the C4 pathway for photosynthesis will stop. Earth will be much like Venus is now, and the US will definitely be disarmed.
  5. Don't if you don't want to. I think I might be the only person here who has had a gun stuck in their face, outside of combat, and it happened to me twice. Are you planning on walking through a shitty part of town, 8-10 years ago, at 3 AM? They did get my keychain bottle opener, the first time. That was traumatic. I've had a couple situations since that I am fairly sure could have turned violent. Eye contact and a "what's up?" seemed to do the trick. A nut is gonna shoot you regardless, but criminals are like movie theaters when you don't have a ticket: act like you belong, and it's not a big deal. That's actually not true; movie theaters are a lot harder to deal with. Don't look like a target. I sincerely suggest reading Paul Dini's Dark Night: A True Batman Story. As much as I hate the idea of Trump's America, rich white people aren't going to be dragged into the street. Well, your wife might be, but it would only be to make her the Secretary of Energy, against her will.
  6. I'm a democratic socialist (somewhat to the left of Bernie's declared positions), and I like guns a lot. I have owned many. I currently only own two: an old Marlin semi-auto rifle .22 that was my grandpappy's (if there is a Hell, I hope he's there, but I'm glad to have his rifle), and a SIG P227. I don't really have either for defense. I've had guns shoved in my face, on the street, and I don't think my having had a gun on me would have helped much (saying "go ahead, shoot me" and then walking away seems to be the answer; YMMV). I don't have children, and I don't have a safe. They are in a locked closet, and insured. I like to shoot. I wish .45 ACP ammo weren't so damned expensive. I also wish I still had my P228 and my Wilson combat 1911, from years and years ago. You'll likely be shot by responding police officers, if you return fire to the nut, though. But is it the bucket that is dangerous, or the water? As a failed social scientist, I have no idea.
  7. Where are you going to get the goat head, Stretch?
  8. Fortunately, that amount is about what is still owed, so it will be a short association.
  9. I'm apparently still paying taxes from 2015. My ex-wife's lawyer's accountant fucked up. Good thing I decided to look it over, today.
  10. That looks like a tasty way to make it! If you ever wanna go old school, I'd be happy to send you a 5 lb tub of lard (this isn't a joke, I have multiple 5 pound tubs of lard, from back when I did this a lot; it doesn't go bad) for free. Cube the pork, drench it in fresh lime juice and salt, then simmer (keep it below 212) in lard for many hours. Turn it up, for the last hour, to brown. Let cool a bit, and shred. Absorbine and Catcoon can tell you how this recipe is. A 10 pound shoulder can easily be cooked in 5 pounds of lard. You have about 4 pounds of lard left over, which is perfect the next day, to cook an 8 pound pork shoulder. Of course, if you really want to go old school, you'd dig a pit in your yard, put a goat head that has marinated in lime and salt in a pot, cover in lard, then cover the pot in banana leaves, fill the pit with coals, then bury the whole thing with dirt. Extract the next day and make tacos! I suggest a 20 quart pot; goat heads are big. if you don't count a few sushi dinners, on first dates, I haven't had meat since last summer. I think. There might have been a Taco Bell run, in autumn...
  11. I don't think the car accident was the problem...
  12. That 280 is almost identical to the car my mother had in the late 70s. Hit by a drunk driver, and the frame was fucked.
  13. I was parodying myself, HemiSam, just FYI. I'm glad to see that it was accurate parody. I have done some auto cross, but I'm sure you would kick me (and my little GTI's) heart-shaped ass. I'm sorry about your son. I can say, from experience, that is will likely get better with time. It wounding all heels, and all. I can't imagine a Porsche PDK being bad. I've driven a first year 997 with PDK, and even that was an excellent transmission.
  14. You know; between Al's post and Nate's, sometimes I hate being a vegetarian (my blood pressure and blood sugar disagree with that sentiment). How did you do the carnitas, Nate?
  15. I wasn't allowed to go very fast, or take very many turns.
  16. Time and exercise (who would think Jacob would do exercise?) has helped. I'm okay, most of the time. Time has been a big enough contributor that I'm unsure if the exercise part has been of much help. The null value has not been rejected. If nothing else, the boxing gym (I used to box a lot) has been painful fun.
  17. That shit was so long ago you might as well be saying that quills had problems compared to Bic pens (the irony is that I'd rather have the quill, as I'm someone with a large collection of 19th century dip-pen nibs, and I hate ballpoints, but this is why it's funny, so you'll just have to grin and bear it). I'll trade my lumbar spine for yours, and we'll see how much you like "the tactile side." I have 6 bad discs. How you doin'? Oh. That is so far away from a modern high performance dual clutch that I guess you are talking about quills. For anything but quarter miles. And who gives a shit about that? ZF 8 speed excepted. And you don't have a ZF 8 speed. My father's favorite brother owned what was a very well-respected Euro-only repair shop, in Atlanta. Soon after I learned to drive, in my dad's '73 Beetle, we took a trip down. My uncle insisted that, if I could shift in that Beetle, I could shift in the show-room quality '65 911 that he owned. It was a transformative expeirience. Boy, that '65 911 sure felt fast compared to the Beetle! I appreciate a manual transmission. You couldn't get me to own a new car with one, and it has nothing to do with "enjoying the automotive experience." I enjoy the motherfucking automotive experience.
  18. Good thing that the current R8 is a modern car, and only comes with a dual clutch. I learned to drive in a stick, and my first GTI was a stick. I don't think I would go back. I never want to hear a grind because I was listening to closely to the radio at a red light, ever again. As much as I'd love a GT3, I'd take the current R8, any day of the week.
  19. Risotto. Carnaroli, olive oil, onion, garlic, wine, salt, pepper, kombu-cremini broth, butter, parm. I think I've finally mastered risotto; it's taken years. A copper pan and a whisk definitely beats a pressure cooker, at the expense of a lot of time.
  20. I mostly buy NM vinyl from the 60s, but I also mostly listen to jazz. Discogs is great. I clean records by hand. You can get great results, once you get the hang of it, though it's slow and messy. You basically just have to do it once, though.
  21. This was yesterday, but I had an excellent second date. She ("New Emily") lived in Europe for several years, until quite recently, and lost her driving privileges in Ohio. I tutored her on the Ohio maneuverability portion, which is basically just parallel parking. Went well! She failed that part three times in the last two months, so I can't possibly have hindered things.
  22. Well shit. My all original (well, the bezel was replaced, but I have the original) pre-moon 01'69 145.022 is now apparently valuable. Makes up for all the money I've lost on watches, over the last 18 months (ok, fine, I've come out ahead). I'll be wearing it a lot more. Won't sell. I did have to up the insurance . Same with my with-box-and-papers '68 GMT. I thought we were friends.
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