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  1. hard to argue with that! I think I know what I'll be making tomorrow (sans the bacon grease).
  2. A really good biscuit is a life-altering event.
  3. I'm a major cornbread fan (bacon grease or bust), but I have to agree.
  4. Yeah, that record is great! Anything Grappelli is likely to be great
  5. I had an interesting morning. A resident of a local medical halfway house had a seizure, driving his electric wheelchair, and spun out right in front of me. I slammed brakes. First time I've felt ABS with the GTI. I blocked traffic with my car, and assisted. He was seizing and had hit his head. The bleeding wasn't bad, but I was afraid of a neck injury, so I didn't move him, and called 911. I left after the paramedics showed up, as I was meeting with a potential client (maybe finally getting the independent consultancy thing going, we'll see). I plan on calling the halfway house tomorr
  6. I kinda miss my 16570, but the Reverso gets a lot more wear than the polar ever did. Not much point wearing a 16570, when you have a 1675.
  7. EdipisReks1


    Right on, Dusty!
  8. They still make some of the best movements in the business, even in the Rolling Stones tribute watches.
  9. I've done it. It worked out pretty well.
  10. I wish it weren't 43mm, but I know that the original was, too. Great typeface on the bezel insert. Lovely watch. I like that Zenith is getting some real attention in the US, now.
  11. EdipisReks1


    I didn't think so: most of the scenes with Dolores were quite measured. As were the scenes between Ford and Bernard. I thought the conversation between Teddy and Delores was lovely. I never know that Evan Rachel Wood was such a good actor. So, the woodcarver: I got the impression that he did that to himself to avoid being analyzed. Maybe part of the maze?
  12. EdipisReks1


    Did you mean Satie, not Sartre? I don't remember the song. I thought episode three was pretty great. Answered a lot of questions, but raised new ones, too.
  13. Well, that's certainly one way to go.
  14. I did something very similar yesterday. Ohio has a more elegant ballot, though. I am wearing my dad's Patagonia fleece. It was too small for me until recently, and always had been. Put it on tonight, on a whim, as it's chilly outside, and I'm smoking a cigar. Fits me pretty well, maybe slightly snug. I imagine it was too big for him, if it now fits me, as I'm 3 inches taller and much broader through the shoulders and chest than he ever was. Feels good being able to wear it.
  15. Did you ever post a pic of that Journe you were buying, Zach?
  16. If the new Hodinkee Zenith had been released a year ago, I'd be lining up to get one. Hopefully Zenith gets the picture and continues on with smaller watches. This is a great size for a dressy chrono. You get dumber every time you open your mouth. It's pretty impressive, really. The old bracelets are extremely sturdy for their weight. This is why the Omega 1171 is a classic bracelet design: it doesn't weigh anything, but gets the job done. These are tool watches.
  17. This is something that gets ignored so often. Used tubes aren't NOS. Played records (or polished watches!) aren't mint. Worn shoes aren't brand new.
  18. EdipisReks1


    I'm definitely looking forward to episode 3.
  19. I have about one hundred 78s, all classical, in basically mint condition, and no way to play them. Definitely weigh a ton! I got mine for free, too. No wife, anymore, but the girlfriend doesn't care. Ain't her house.
  20. EdipisReks1


    Don't forget Black Hole Sun on the player piano!
  21. It's pretty easy. I follow the serious eats pressure cooker risotto recipe, more or less. Make 3 cups of miso whatever is your normal way (I use paste, bonito flake [this is not strictly vegetarian, and of course traditional kimchi has shrimp fry included] and a pressure cooker), and add some kimchi juice to it (I like the whole cabbage style, and I squeeze some dry, and capture the juice; you need to add 1 cup of kimchi juice to the 3 cups of miso). I had some parmesan rinds, so I tossed them in. You then just sauté the dry kimchi, with a finely sliced shallot and 3-4 minced garlic cloves
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    I thought it was great, and it has tons of potential.
  23. It was yesterday, but kimchi pressure-cooker risotto (made with miso broth that included kimchi juice and parmesan rinds, with sautéed kimchi, garlic, and shallot, with ajikiri and sake replacing the normal white wine) and roasted butternut squash soup. Nice early autumn meal.
  24. I'm not going to post a pic, but I finally tracked down a PCS 7067/8 Beatles White Album. NM vinyl, but the sleeve and labels looks like they were dipped in water and tossed in a cave (maybe they were?). It took a significant cleaning (1 part 91% isopro, 1 part distilled water, .5 parts white vinegar, two caps of jet dry, in a half liter spray bottle, followed by microfiber cloths), but it sounds amazing.
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