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  1. It's probably just the suspicious amplification you are using.
  2. Looks great! Watches should be worn, and scratches are part of wearing them.
  3. Did the Chanel arrive, Chris? Did you get the Seiko bracelet sized? Need more pics! I'd keep it. You never know when you might add some new pieces. It's why I didn't get rid of any of my winders (two 4 watch and a 6 watch), despite only having a couple automatics, now (the rest is manual-wind, not quartz).
  4. I think you are right, but it doesn't sound compressed, to me. Broken was always a bit quiet compared to TDS, so I think they just made it match the later stuff, which is understandable.
  5. Agreed. I've never owned Maggies*, but I've heard a few models a few times, and they have sounded best when moved well into the space. *yet. Not apartment friendly.
  6. I can't wait to hear the Focal stuff. I'm pretty damn happy between the HD-800 and RS-1, though. Wish I could really use my speakers.
  7. Not quite as cool as Chris' stuff (I can't wait to see the double-watch/double-wrist shot!), but I did finally get the NATO for my Speedy. The polished steel version was out of stock, and will be for a while, so I asked for the PVD hardware version. Clockwork Synergy shipped me the wrong strap, at first, but the right one arrived a couple days later (before I even mailed out the incorrect one, BTW: Clockwork cares about customer service). I think this is the way I'll wear the Speedmaster, from now on. The watch is too thick to go under a dress cuff, anyway, and the 1171 tends to grab hairs.. Super comfy, and I really like how it looks. The GMT is back on the Oyster, but the Speedy looks really nice on the dark blue, too.
  8. I finally got around to downloading the digital copies of the definitive versions of the NIN's Broken, The Fragile, and TDS. I don't know when I'll have the vinyl (along with The Fragile Deviation I), but the digital versions are the shit.
  9. There had better be a fucking second season.
  10. Especially if you have a Westworld robot to play it for you, in the nude.
  11. I am pretty jaded, when it comes to drinking, after all.
  12. I like mine better. WHOOSH! Oh no, my curtains are on fire!
  13. Set up a third date for tomorrow. Tacos and live music (the best rock band in St. Louis, two years in a row!). Date two was last night. There was PDA; I don't know why I still carry this stupid Palm Pilot.* *Come on, that's funny. That's an easy recipe; ether in a jar, and a lit match.
  14. I'm glad it all worked out! And I do my best.
  15. That sucks, Chris. I'd say that PayPal was actually lying (I know for a fact that they charge a currency conversion fee, because I've paid it before), and Harvey just didn't want to deal with it anymore. Not great customer service on their part, though. Here is an open, but new with box and papers, sold by a Jeweler in NY, that is immediately available $5,000 (I bet you could get at least 5% off of that). That's a beauty! If you were worried about scratches, when resizing, just put some tape on the exposed surfaces. Just remove the tape when you are done.
  16. Might as well put that VAT discount to use!
  17. if anybody wants to know why I like flat watches, see the attached. Peek-a-boo!
  18. I love it when a plan comes together.
  19. I think you are both going to like your new timepieces. A group picture will, of course, be required.
  20. Happy birthday Ed! To good health.
  21. Chanel will honor a European warranty in the US, I'm sure. If they can get the watch to you quickly enough, I would order from Harvey, as much as I like Joma. $230 isn't much to pay to make sure you can return it, if your wife decides she doesn't like it, when it's on wrist. Harvey is very reputable. Make sure that you use the VAT8 code, at checkout, so that you don't pay Swiss VAT.
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