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  1. Human ears aren't the issue. Human ears are a relatively easy things to model. But our ears aren't how we hear. We hear with our brains, and the brain is entirely manipulatable. Deaf people can experience sounds, just as blind people can experience sight. Limbs that aren't there can be felt. Only an ignoramus would worry about tiny fractions of THD when it comes to an inherently fuzzy and subconsciously (I don't believe in tue consciousness, as an emergent property, and I think FMRI studies back me up on that*, but we sort of act like we are truly conscious) subjective input-analysis s
  2. I never want a wifi-only product ever again. I have cellular on everything, and I'm totally used to it. About the round vs rec case; I have mostly round watches, but I wear my Santos about 90% of the time.
  3. The O2 did not sound "great." I would argue that it sounded like "crap," but I didn't have a cat in my lap the times I heard one. But what do I know about how instruments are supposed to sound; I only made it through three years of conservatory. And, after all, a violin has a lot of distortion when played in the air. A violin has no distortion when played in a vacuum, so that is clearly the best way to listen to violins.
  4. Yes: my schedule. They find whatever is the softest surface where they can watch me, and I happened to be in that room.
  5. I'm sure early Head-Caser's remember how I was Mr. Double-blind. At this point, I don't give a shit about what is "better." If I think it sounds good, I like it. I have components that measure very well, like my HD-800S. I have components that measure like shit, like the Singlepower. I think my chair has more actual effect on "the sound" than any of the components; I really enjoy my AirPods when I'm sitting in my Eames lounger/ottomon clone with a cat on my lap. Which is clearly something I should be doing right now, if the attached photo is anything to go by.
  6. I'm still paying for my two Series 4 watches for a few more months (ATT zero interest plans) , so I'll be skipping this one too. I bet Series 6 is going to be killer! I do want that always-on screen, but what I really want is a battery life that doesn't go down by 50% after a run when I use GPS and stream to my AirPods using the AppleWatch. I'm sure part of the issue is where I live; there are some areas in my neighborhood that have very poor cellular reception, and I'm sure that the watch is having to push wattage hard somewhere between miles 2 and 4, as my podcasts often stop for a while th
  7. I understand what you are saying, I just have a different perspective on it.
  8. That cat was listed as a "difficult" cat, when I got her. She isn't the nicest cat in the world, but I think she is pretty pleasant. I wake up most mornings with her on my pillow, chirping in my face. My first SPCA volunteer day had me holding and cleaning up after a pair of 9 week-old kittens. That was a good Saturday afternoon.
  9. Silver is being rather nice tonight.
  10. I have zero issues, but I also have CarPlay. I don't think you realize just how close to the edge both companies are. FitBit is barely solvent. Garmin is close. "Hurting sales," at this point, is a death sentence for both.
  11. Kill them dead. I bought my ex a Fitbit Versa. The Fitbit Versa 2 doesn't seem like much of an upgrade. the Series 3 Apple Watch is vastly better than the Versa 1.
  12. I certainly want the new cameras. I own my XS outright, so I guess it shouldn't be that big of a deal to sell it an get an 11.
  13. Since my bracelet was mentioned here, new bracelets seem like a reasonable post. It looks like three, but it's two. One is Gucci (not a brand I would usually wear, but I really like this; it has cat heads on the inside of the cuff ends!) and the other is a vintage-styled mesh-and-ring.
  14. See, I don't see it that way at all. The giant Speedmaster luggage (I can't describe it any other way), for instance, just screams "inferiority complex," to me. The shittiest modern luxury watch boxes I've experienced so far are Cartier; the clasps on the box break almost immediately, and they are just cheap. It doesn't bother me: they don't need fancy boxes, because they are Cartier. The JLC ones are very nicely made (hardwood and calfskin), but they also aren't anything "special." The Maurice LaCroix box I had on my Masterpiece was very nice, being made of zebrawood (later ones were zebr
  15. Rice doesn't do much, you need a proper desiccant. Take the computer as completely apart as you can, put the components in fine mesh bags, and bury the bags in silica desiccant gel. If you have silica crystal cat litter, this would work, though it's not as optimized for this sort of absorption as finer gel is. Leave it for a few days. This method isn't a guarantee, but I've used it to salvage machines, including a couple laptop computers that were soaked by a faulty fire sprinkler (those sprinklers are full of nasty water, so I cleaned everything with distilled water before drying). The on
  16. I mean, I thought it looked nice.
  17. Slightly later Rolex booklets are less interesting, regardless of whether it was my dad's or not. That 1680 is in a safe deposit box. Noon pearl intact.
  18. Another thing for watch fans. Camp Eagle was where the 101st Airborne had their headquarters. That was obviously not retained by the jeweler.
  19. Beans make a huge difference on pour over and French press, and even just drip. I've been given pounds and pounds of Starbucks coffee for free, over the years, though. It's not what I buy; I typically like fruity, low-acid beans for pour over (I mostly do pour over, these days).
  20. Starbucks baristas by and large don't know what they are doing, and wouldn't have the time to apply skill even if they had it. I've made amazing espresso with Starbucks beans. You slightly under-extract with dark roast beans and use a slightly coarser grind.
  21. For espresso, I've kind of come to the conclusion that, as long as the quality is semi-decent, the beans are the least important aspect: grind and extraction will have much more of an effect on the flavor. Pour-over is different, of course. India is a big place: I'm sure coffee is made many different ways there.
  22. Interestingly, the strap hasn't caused me any issues, so far. The leather strap on the Santos gave me a rash within about 10 minutes. I really adore this watch. I have wanted a Drive Extra-Flat since they were announced. I get 20% off at my local AD, on Cartier (thanks to my mother who has bought many pieces from them), which I think is reasonable.
  23. I wasn’t expecting to see a steel Drive extra-flat. I walked out with it on my wrist.
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