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  1. Does anyone know where can I get blanking plates for IEC inlet holes? I found blanking plates for XLR is pretty common but I can't find any info for IECs. Do they even exist? Attached is the blanking plate for XLR
  2. Regarding GRHV, is there a drop in replacement for C2M1000170D? They're on backorder on most major sellers. **Edit Never mind guys, found out they get out of stock every few months. SCT2H12NZGC11 is also on backorder now and still don't know if FQFP8N80C is a good replacement. I guess I'll just wait.
  3. I've compiled a BOM from Digikey for the supplied GRHV based on my silkscreen from the recent group buy board. I hope others can help check if I missed anything. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMu81oWk6E3mXPW6ahhEuvmhg4U497F5I5W6JPQgnNo/edit?usp=sharing You might notice there's RES 90.9K and RES 1.10K, these are because I can't find 92K resistors sold without MOQ.
  4. That's a beauty right there. Kinda regret not getting the cases since the boards has no standoff mounting holes.
  5. The group buy is the first one, cool that means it's the correct version. I was counting the tube pinouts counter clockwise. I'll try looking for a suitable buffer stage.
  6. Gonna build this from the group buy soon, On the board the silkscreen says "tube mounts on the back side of the board" but tracing the boards shows it's the same version as the one in first post. So tubes should be mounted from the top? I also have never built tube amps so I might be wrong. some questions I have: 1. How hot is the mosfet on PSU will be? Will heatsinking with chassis floor (3mm aluminum) suffice or does it need heatsink? 2. LT1085 require heatsinks or not? 3. Will it make a good preamp? Do I need to watch/match it's output impedance to the amp's input? 4. How to bias it?
  7. Boards received today, thanks a lot! Do update us if there's leftovers.
  8. Thanks a lot steve, got the delivery notification in my email.
  9. Whew, that's a lot of boards. BTW did you order extras or just enough?
  10. Is there a probably some sort of hierarchy from best to less when it comes to THAT340, 2SK170/2SJ74, 2SA1349/2SC3381, 2SJ109/2SK389, and LSK489/LSJ689? Do they influence a lot or are the differences between each other minimal/negligible?
  11. Happy birthday Steve! Eat extra cake for me
  12. I'm more interested with how they secure the wires. I've had some cheapo banana jacks in the past and they use grub screws. No bueno, feels like the wires will shear right off. This one looks good. Thanks!
  13. My brother bought a gaming headphone once around 10 - 12 years ago and I found out that it was mono and only had the left channel wired to both earcups.
  14. How are the banana jacks? Do they make secure connection with the cables? PM me where you got them please.
  15. Sounds great, just let me know how much the shipping will be. Since I didn't order the TKD boards and pots you can send them out whenever after inspection.
  16. Holy shit 17% is disconcerting. I've been trying to search for that poll but my Google Fu isn't too strong. Mind sharing a link? Never mind, found it.
  17. Moved to a new house yesterday. Rented a pickup truck since my stuff isn't a lot to justify a moving lorry service. I got some glass paneled TV rack so instead of covering the stuff with the tarp we used it to wrap the glass panels. Fucking bad decision. It rained like a motherfucker for around 10 minutes and although we managed to cover them with blankets and towels they were already wet. The blankets and towels helped a bit to channel and absorb the rain but, fuck man. What's done is done. Now laid out and leaving the electronics to dry. Speaker cabinets swelled. No fucking good at all. Most electronics were inside the passenger area, but the ones that were outside took some moisture. I'm just glad my Elac B5 has their original box, it kept them dry. Fucking, rain, man.
  18. Payment sent Steve! Thanks! Giddy waiting for the THAT340 board.
  19. Thanks everyone. I decided to get a set of adapter boards from the group buy. I'll try to get my hands on all the various devices available, especially LSK489/LSJ689. Nelson Pass seem to love using 2SK170/2SJ74 in his designs so I hope those will be great too. Minor update, yesterday during lunchtime I went to the electronics store and got some project box with the fittings and cables, etc. Rehoused my transformers for the amp and channel switcher in it. The wooden box is too soft, like balsa wood. Still haven't drilled the front panel for the jacks and knobs. Busy moving to a new house now so will buy a bench drill after the dust settles.
  20. Hey Steve, sorry I didn't receive any links for your PayPal. Also if its not too much, could you please add 1 set of THAT340 for me. If the order is already cutoff then its okay.
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