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  1. Tool got in on the Bernieshop action: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKULYSIFUwk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I like the album covers ones.
  2. Liked adult. when I first discovered them many years ago during the electroclash movement, kinda lost track of them though, will have to catch up with them. Me, right now: Cardiacs (catalog got released on streaming services) Definitely Dustycore (a term coined by a friend on Discord to group all musicks I like) — ska & new-wave influences, stilted rhythms, theatricality, demented intervals in the melodies, just loads of fun
  3. I think the only downside for your use case is two inputs. I’ve often felt mine lacking because I would want a stereo analog input for my keyboard, a mic input, and a stereo send return for outboard pedals. But then you mentioned MIDI, so you’re probably fine.
  4. Was: Spiral Architect (seminal technical extreme metal) Is: 1000mods' new one (stoner) Will be: Matthew Sweet? I have no idea...
  5. Happy birthday, Mike! (party favor noise)
  6. "So I heard you say that no-one ever wrote you a love song, Well let me be the one to prove you wrong..." (Ridiculously pretty song found while going through this list.). Sounds like something @Knuckledraggerwould spin.
  7. Was: my most-of-Voivod-discography playlist. Is: my newly created as-much-of-Sheena-Ringo-and-Tokyo-Incidents-discographies-as-possible playlist (18 hours/286 tracks)
  8. I'm really enjoying the singles coming out ahead of Anneke's upcoming album, in a I-want-to-cover-them kind of way:
  9. 'appy birfday, guv! (par'y favour noise) from Worcestershirelandsex
  10. I found my TC Helicon Voicelive Touch! 😹
  11. Thanks for posting that. I’m a huge Fiona Apple fan, but for some reason hadn’t heard it. What’s amazing about it is that she doesn’t lose the Waterboys-ness of it, while at the same time making it recognizably her.
  12. You’re supposed to put it in front of your face, SMH.
  13. Thank you for that, especially that last comment. 🤩 I haven’t been watching much lately, but do still intend to try-before-I-buy Disney+, but honestly, I’m going through a not-watching-much phase, so will hold out until this phase ends. 🙏
  14. Nice! I just bought mine, but it was inspired by your previous mentions of how popular/delicious it was, that's why I mentioned it.
  15. It's 'cause he knows he's a cutey.
  16. You wouldn't want that. The Tinesort Consortium will be after you for that one. I think it's a violation of the 1972 Stifle Act to Prevent Distribution of Unauthorised Inset. You know, there's something satisfying about breaking those nibloid moulds but for some reason the fixture waneshafts are always void. I find it's best to apply some regular T.Consortium Verified Vaseline Product to the shafts regularly to prevent them from oxidising into void. You lost me, I thought voiding was a result of dadaist retrodeconstructionism (Or is it autodeconstructionism? I always forget. I
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