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  1. So to answer my own question, I didn’t have to go back very far. That Sound was on Wild Mood Swings, but wasn’t on wish. But it was perfected on Bloodflowers.
  2. Cure, Bloodflowers I am really enjoying the long form songwriting on this. The third song started (“the world is neither just nor unjust” caught my attention) and it felt like I was much further into the album than I was. I also noticed I was really enjoying the guitar tone. The big, expansive one, sounds like I’m watching them in concert. So I’m going backwards in their catalog until I figure out when it started, because I’m pretty sure it’s not on Head on the Door.
  3. Watch her Netflix special. https://www.netflix.com/title/80150002?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp
  4. I want one! Do they come in size “fathead”?
  5. Incorrect. > The basic idea is that if the name (in the above example, “Jessie”) is the only thing in the world described by the identifier (“my oldest friend”), use a comma before the name (and after it as well, unless you've come to the end of the sentence). If not, don't use any commas.
  6. Happy birthday to our lord and saviour, Ric! (party favour noise)
  7. Augsburger is sus. In related news, I survived Whamageddon2020! Just learned it was 00:00 of the 25th, not 26th, so I am feeling great relief and will probably sleep soundly tonight. Scammers notwithstanding. I hope he (the real Augsburger) is okay. Someone want to call him and make sure he's not lying in a ditch somewhere?
  8. I'm not clicking any suspect links. I learned that 25 years ago.
  9. Happy birthday, Ken! (party favour noise)
  10. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/octopuses-are-ocean-thugs-that-punch-fish-cf0g5f2xj
  11. Just finished watching (more listening) Devin Townsend's Quarantine Concert No. 6, wonderful! Also, for metal heads:
  12. I suspect that’s closer to how mine will turn out, since I’m like the opposite of Gordon Ramsay class. Please fax. Please and thank you. Also, French toast.
  13. Jenny Jinya usually writes tearjerking stories called "Loving Reaper", but this time she wrote one dedicated to rescuers. Have your tissues ready (3 tweets, the first two with 4 panels each):
  14. I want to make Beef Wellington, but I no cook bread -- any recommendations? Perhaps partially sous vide first?
  15. More listening than watching, but Lux Terminus starting at about 10:40 and the cellist looper immediately after were highlights. Most of the rest had harsh vocals, so only recommended for the metal heads. Day one was great, too, especially Novena doing a metal version of Feliz Navidad.
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