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  1. Happy belated! Hope you are still alive and well. (party favour noise)
  2. Her version of Mussorgsky's Pictures just might be my favourite rendition yet. https://www.deutschegrammophon.com/en/catalogue/products/alice-sara-ott-pictures-1323
  3. He's fantastic. Saw him live a couple years ago.
  4. It's nice to see at least one Ukrainian in high spirits.
  5. Update So it makes sense that I love the middle disk the most, although all three have some great tracks. And this is insane, she has a 30 minute EP -- Scarlet Shoes -- which is largely neo-classical instrumental, and sounds nothing like the others. And the video from the single is crazy dark. She apparently does the art in the videos herself, too. Oh, and it sounds like a James Bond song burbling under the surface. Just a crazy great song.
  6. Happy Nathan Day, Birthman! (party favour noise)
  7. Cheerio, guvna, glad you're still hanging on in quiet desperation, as it were. (party favour noise)
  8. Yaya Kim, a.k.a Yaya Epic 3 volume, 140+ minute album Korean vocalist, variety of styles, mostly jazz/nuevo tango/alternative/crooner/??? RIYL: Sade, Joss Stone, Rhiannon Giddens, Sheena Ringo, et al I think the 2nd volume is my favourite, but I've been listening to it piecemeal, so haven't fully digested the 3rd yet.
  9. Fat/Taco Tuesday, so I had a fat taco -- Diablo Burrito 😈
  10. Glad you survived, Knucks. Sorry it was so traumatizing.
  11. Happy belated birthday, Naaman! (party favour noise)
  12. As much as he annoys me as a person, god DAMN did he write some great songs as a solo artist, as well as his contributions in Pink Floyd. Such a great song.
  13. Schizoid Lloyd, The Last Note in God's Magnum Opus Seems reminiscent of Mr. Bungle, not necessarily in terms of this song, but in the overall album flow.
  14. Oh, yeezh, don't let the oil go down -- it's a pain if it gets to that point below where the oil flows from the tank into the intake -- it's like a fuel filter -- once the sludge gets into the system, it's an order of magnitude worse. Please cut your fuel usage now before it hits that point and find other means of warmth. Wishing you a a warm front.
  15. Happy birthday, Al! 🥳 (party favour noise)
  16. Jamal Edwards 31 isn't just way too young it's fucked up.
  17. My friends on the Delightfully Depressing chat are all big fans of Future Islands. You should listen: You'll notice that the playlist is populated in groups of about an hour, weeks apart, so you should be able to figure out where to stop and start one show, if that makes sense. The beginning of that playlist is kinda dorked up, so scroll down until you get to playable tracks.
  18. Happy birthday, Colin! Miss you, buddy. (party favour noise)
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