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  1. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/octopuses-are-ocean-thugs-that-punch-fish-cf0g5f2xj
  2. Just finished watching (more listening) Devin Townsend's Quarantine Concert No. 6, wonderful! Also, for metal heads:
  3. I suspect that’s closer to how mine will turn out, since I’m like the opposite of Gordon Ramsay class. Please fax. Please and thank you. Also, French toast.
  4. Jenny Jinya usually writes tearjerking stories called "Loving Reaper", but this time she wrote one dedicated to rescuers. Have your tissues ready (3 tweets, the first two with 4 panels each):
  5. I want to make Beef Wellington, but I no cook bread -- any recommendations? Perhaps partially sous vide first?
  6. More listening than watching, but Lux Terminus starting at about 10:40 and the cellist looper immediately after were highlights. Most of the rest had harsh vocals, so only recommended for the metal heads. Day one was great, too, especially Novena doing a metal version of Feliz Navidad.
  7. Someone generously shared with me a bootleg of the first Porcupine Tree show I ever went. I’m in heaven.
  8. No worries, it’s a lot different doing individual tracks in a larger mix than it is doing it on a whole stereo mix. I’ll be asking the former. Also, not really worried about synchronization if it’s a foundation track.
  9. No, but that sounds like an awesome idea. I may tap you to process some tracks for me. Will be in touch. Seriously. Bowie’s early reissues on Rykodisc deliberately did exactly this, BTW.
  10. Piroshka, new Miki (Lush) project, this is great!
  11. Camel, Snowgoose because ‘it’s the season
  12. Cats be cats. great kitty bonk head, ouchie
  13. Go to the beach Find rocks Sharpen knives against rocks ... Buy new knives
  14. Postvorta, Porrima lullaby music for Dusty 90 minute epic sludge/doom/post metal
  15. McStine & Minnemann progressive hard rock This is accurate.
  16. Myrkur, Mareridt gothic folk Norwegian/Danish/??? black metal
  17. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! FUCK YOU, 2020! https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/cynic-bassist-sean-malone-dead-at-50/
  18. RIP Harold Budd, musician extraordinaire, 4AD mainstay. 😭
  19. Tuna with red hot cherry peppers and Grillo’s “pickle de Gallo”—delicious.
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