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  1. Close enough (@cetoole can attest) Oooh, they ship... https://bagelofthemonth.com/ Argh, but no rye or pumpernickel. Except pictures.
  2. Patty Gurdy -- Irish electric hurdy-gurdy playing ginger Her collaboration with symphonic metal band Scardust is fantastic -- I love the Celtic influence (I love the goofball bassist and silly drummer faces, but I relate more to the way-too-morose guitarist and keyboardist.) xPropaganda -- 80's band Propaganda reincarnate with ZTT and Stephen Lipsom -- synthpop with MILFs, Dusty like:
  3. Oooh, thank you, will check them out. Thank you! 🤤
  4. Tried to figure out how to import true New York City bagels... ...from New York City. And no, I am not inebriated. I just miss a proper bagel. I do already know how to import a pastrami sandwich, though.
  5. To be fair, I was questioning that it was made at all. But in your defense, I was not questioning that it was an effigy of a moose. Nope, no problem with that at all.
  6. Happy birthday, Raffy! (party favour noise)
  7. I just recently got myself this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1657652-REG/asus_16_vivobook_pro_m7600qe_xb99.html 32G, AMD Ryzen 9, high-res OLED display albeit non-touch, under $2K. I waited forever for it, though (well, 6 months, but with today's technology, that's eternal). They also have lower end models.
  8. Seems like that would frustrate chocoholics -- to have that much chocolate on display, and not be allowed to eat it. I would make it an installation, like a moose-shaped chocolate fountain or something. And allow eating, but in a controlled, food-safe manner. And yes, dark chocolate over milk chocolate.
  9. > ...made of 1700 pounds of fine grade milk chocolate...
  10. I couldn't find a reasonably sized 100% grass-fed brisket, but I did find an extra-thick (2.5 cm?) London Broil. Embedded about 42 garlic spikes (it looked like a porcupine or graph paper), encrusted it with pepper (black, white, and pink), other spices, and herbs, let sit for 24 hours or so, then cooked at the lowest setting (225-ish) for about 45 minutes, wrapped in baking parchment and tin foil to keep in the moisture, and it came out super delicious and perfect. Is making about 7 meals. Definitely doing this again.
  11. Happy birthday! (party favour noise)
  12. Feel good music Antonio, this is fusion, albeit pretty easy listening, you might like: T-Square 2022 and 2021 albums, Wish and Fly! Fly! Fly!
  13. They were robbed. They should've at least made the top 10.
  14. Happy belated birthday! (party favour noise)
  15. Been on a stoner kick: Jess and the Ancient Ones Graveyard Church of the Cosmic Skull
  16. Great album! I discovered it by accident -- they were playing it at Borders and I was immediately smitten. I was informed of the Tricky connection when I asked what the album was, but was already sold.
  17. RIP random murder victim from the 80's, probably. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/body-found-in-lake-mead-as-water-levels-continue-to-drop/1181911
  18. Huzzah for voidfloofs (that's what I call my black cats)!
  19. FFR, he has a couple tracks shorter than 28 minutes (admittedly, most are on the order of 28-30 minutes) worth spinning: Stardancer (13:38) Blanche (11:44) Star Dancer II (14:10) Moogetique (13:10) Weird Caravan (5:05) The Looper isn't a Hooker (8:17) I mean, I'm sure there are others, those are just the ones I know off-hand, and consider worth checking out. They vary from pure ambient, to "beaty". And I was just telling someone elsewhere that I consider "Nowhere Now Here" the definitive Klaus Schulze track. You could always fade it in just before it gets beaty, and start fading it out as soon as it climaxes (it's basically a long build and gets progressively rockier as the track progresses). That would cut it down to maybe 20 minutes, I think. 🤣
  20. I just made the most delicious Stroganoff I ever made in my entire life, and I am pretty sure it's ~50% plant based: Not plant-based: 1 lb. beef Plant-based: grilled onions (grilled to Maillard Reaction/partially caramelized perfection!) grilled mushrooms Sesame oil sesame seeds, both black and white chives oregano thyme?...maybe parsley, don't remember freshly ground black peppercorns freshly ground white peppercorns freshly ground pink peppercorns mushroom seasoning vegan Worcestershire vegetarian oyster mushroom sauce almond flour dairy-free sour cream garlic
  21. Dusty does not hate jazz. Happy (belated) International Jazz Day, fans of the genre! I'm listening to this right now: My girl, Hiromi, will be on there later.
  22. I was pretty sure Kikik (kitten) was going to eviscerate Bobby (senior), but she didn't.
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