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  1. Techabilitation 2020: At Home - a UK Tech Fest event in partnership with Invicta Magazine and Loki Films. The free online festival is taking place on Saturday, 5th December from 11:30am EST/4:30pm UTC to 6:45pm EST/11:45pm UTC. https://www.facebook.com/events/671366707085721
  2. Interesting, I wasn’t aware. Have you ever played with Cherry Audio’s Voltage, and if so, how would they compare?
  3. Kyros, Celexa Dreams my album of the year high energy, upbeat prog , produced by someone with a serious fetish for late 80’s production self described sardonically as Euro Pop Trash
  4. Well yes, I learned my lesson with Game of Thrones, that’s exactly why I won’t fall for this again. I guess I’ll just boycott it...er... I mean, sign up for the free preview, binge and cancel. Is there a word for that? FreTryBinjBin? and FYI my anger was not directed at anyone here. It was at Disney+ executives.
  5. Fuck that. I’m not paying for a whole fucking channel just for one fucking show. Is that really the only way to legally watch it?
  6. Emily Remler, East to Wes superblime musicianship -- loving that harmonizing guitar jazz
  7. Any recommendations on how to watch The Mandalorian? It’s not on Netflix nor Amazon Prime.
  8. Dusty Chalk


    @swt61 Would love to see what your woodworking skills could accomplish with luthiery.
  9. Prog, RIYL Beardfish, Wobbler, nice use of classical stringed and wind instruments, lively, whimsical http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=69118
  10. Keith Jarrett, Budapest Concert pure bliss Definitely going on my Top XXX of 2020 list.
  11. I voted for a trans girl as best female singer in the prog magazine readers' poll. I'm so woke.
  12. I can't stop listening to this stream, especially the song "Shu!", which starts around 13:56 and goes for about 8 minutes. But the whole thing is laid back sublime dancey grooviness.
  13. I know. The first image is Arturia's official response, LMAO.
  14. Yeah, but it’s Behringer, and I was recently reminded by Behringer why I hate Behringer:
  15. On repeat. I came in on the second set (BaBa ZuLa, electric saz run through a fuzz), but am enamored with all the acts, especially "Shu!" from islandman (first set). Just wonderful laid back grooves.
  16. Thanks for that, as always, just a wealth of information. but no, what I would prefer is to be able to apply filters or amplitude to each individual note, so for example, I could play ABCDE, and then reduce the pressure on B and D , and then increase it, to make the chord “breathe” alternately between dissonance and consonance.
  17. Derpy ferret has his inner slinky triggered https://imgur.com/CzX1cYX
  18. Definitely going to have to look into that for my Walkman.
  19. It does! 49 keys. That's still more keys than the CME XKey (which I have) or the QuNexus. Looks like the Roli Seaboard has it, as well (also 49 keys). Or for more than 88 keys, the Linnstrument (128 or 200 keys). Which, considering my recent (as of several hours ago) discovery of the 17-tone Turkish scale (12-tone with 5 specially placed half-tones) is of particular interest...hmmm...
  20. I wish. No, just on the performance pads.
  21. Hey, @grawk, was it you who told me that someone (Stevie Wonder?) had a custom 88 key MIDI controller made with polyphonic aftertouch? I want to say it was during that same discussion as you told me about Fatar. Do you remember the company? My Google-fu is providing nothing. I mean, there's the CS-80, but it's so well known and ancient that it's a non-starter; there's the Kurzweil MIDIBoard (less ancient, less well known, but still enough of a beast that I wouldn't want it shipped).
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