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  1. No, it would more probably occur when one is losing an argument. There can still be good info in an argument if both sides are rational and honest. I vote neigh.
  2. Wait, that was after editing? Just giving you crap. Are you the one with the triangle shaped room? Is that a permanent situation that you can do stuff to, or must you be temporary. You might want to do a search on Ethan Winer for room treatments -- he seems to give pretty good advice, and has a whole forum dedicated to the subject. Doesn't know much about soundproofing, though.
  3. Did you not read this thread? That's the closest you're getting to an explanation, is at the end of page one.
  4. It's not so much the free t'n'a, as the rootkits and viruses and whatnot that go along with them. Mozilla or Opera -- and that's also why I keep javascript pretty much turned off all the time.
  5. Thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head. (dooon do-do-dute, do-dute, do-dute)
  6. There's a lot of talk of this at www.audiocircle.com -- perhaps you can find your second person there.
  7. redshifter is already a member here, but he hasn't posted in like...a while. (Like not since I've been here.) Network, people! Everyone has someone's email, just start emailing people you know. Haven't you done business with anyone on head-fi and taken it to email? Email those people.
  8. Well, that's my problem right there. I don't speak, read, nor understand Japanese. About the only Japanese I (subject of verb) is "to turn".
  9. You suck worse for not explaining it sufficiently for us to figure it out.
  10. Works fine for me (worked fine for me before, too). How could you?
  11. Dusty Chalk

    The IRS

    Well, since you overpaid, you loaned them a lot more longer than a month.
  12. Definitely an area of diminishing returns. That said, the peace of mind would still make me recommend power conditioning at every level. Equipment life, what have you.
  13. Actually, if you read Manga, they use nosebleeds a lot. Sort of the equivalent of blowing one's mind. Usually used when a hot girl comes on to a younger male character, or something very sexy is observed. Kind of like Kyle throwing up when he thinks about Wendy.
  14. Dynaudio Audience 52's? Driven by dual monoblocks of...what? Just curious. Looks like a nice system. I have Dynaudio's myself.
  15. Yeah, but look at your list -- half of them are based on revenge. This is supposed to be a list of your favourite things. I'm not criticizing you doing those things when provoked (although you didn't specify 'provoked' in all of them), I'm just saying it seems like you enjoy it a bit too much.
  16. Dusty Chalk


    One of these days, maybe I'll get to hear them, but I've never heard them. I'd be curious how it could increase resolution, though (not entirely skeptical -- I could see how having a more solid foundation could improve the sound -- just curious as to the 'how').
  17. No. But the better the cable, the better the results. It's not a threshold thing, it's a the-better-the-better thing.
  18. Dusty Chalk


    Yeah, I upgraded my headphone cables, too.
  19. Fuck that. My memory is good enough. Yes, I remember the scene -- "I sense a presence I haven't felt in..." That's exactly what I'm talking about. All it does is set up for that scene -- there is no storytelling of its own. Plus, some of the crap, for example, where Obi Wan leaves Anikin for dead -- totally contrived. Couldn't've Lucas come up with something a little better than that? And the scene where the emperor informs Anikin that he, himself, killed his beloved? The timing was all wrong on that. He should have said "Noooo..." right away, or something. OMG, such terrible stiff act
  20. No way, dude, Sith sucked! All it did was tie the first series to the second series. The Matrix sequels were better.
  21. Dusty Chalk

    For Jahn

    See attached. [attachment deleted by admin]
  22. Jesus, Billy, you're a real prick, aren't you?
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