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  1. Or at least get the transistors on there right
  2. I was referring to the Drobo. In the case of the BlacX it means it has eSata so if your computer has a eSata port you can use that. Definitely the way to go because it has a much higher transfer rate than USB and Firewire.
  3. I don't think it should take that long. I need to replace a couple bottles and I want to find some Yoichi. I would start a cigar tracker but I don't want Kitchen 6 to see it
  4. I really wish they would come out with a e-sata version.
  5. I don't think they will have a patch for that, but they will be coming out with one that lets you quit playing in about 90 days.
  6. Every night just around bed time someone shoots rockets at you. If the explosions don't wake you up the stupid alarm will.
  7. I like running to techno type music. Tiesto, Van Dyk, Van Burren, Oakenfold etc. The beat keeps me going.
  8. I have a car computer (carputer) with a standard desktop 400gb drive. I have never ever ever had any problems with it skipping. Even driving down rough back roads it doesn't skip a beat. If you want to find out how much vibration it takes to make your iPod skip just shake the piss out of it. If your shaking your touch/nano/shuffle/iPhone just go ahead and give it to someone that is not a retard.
  9. Yup. Don't forget Vision Street Wear, Air Walks, T&C surf, BH, Billabong....
  10. I would go with the Velociraptor. It should be quiet since it is a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" cooling enclosure. Speed wise it beats out some of the SSD drives for read and write times. As for the OCZ SSDs I read somewhere that they were having quality issues and a rather high failure rate.
  11. I have not seen a real lawn in 12 months.....
  12. Let us know how it goes. I was eying one of those a while back but figured it could wait because I have no speakers here. But I will when I get home in a couple months
  13. No problem. Looks like it worked out for both of us. The 337 is for the D1 clone. It would be up and running if it was not for the bad 337 reg.
  14. Anyone have a LM337T they could pop into an envelope and send to me? Hate to place and order for a $.50 part with $10 shipping.
  15. Also said the volumes were not initially matched up. On an amp that has been ready to ship for months?
  16. When our last vacuum bite the dust we ended up getting a Sebo X4 Extra. Looked into the Dysons and it seemed like they work good at first but fade away after a while. Found a local Sebo dealer, but they did not carry it in stock because of the price and that it is a little know brand here in the US. Because of this he just charged us $100 over his cost. So it actually turned out to be a good and so far we (by we I mean my wife) have been very happy with it.
  17. Anyone know if the amps showed up at the CO meet? I figured there would be an impression thread on HF but I don't see anything.
  18. A nice Cuban anejo rum would be great.
  19. Box each of H. Upmann Sir Winstons Ramon Allones Specially Selected Can't wait to get home and have them with a mojito.
  20. Hmmm.... Step 1. Put Cmoy into large chassis with large impressive tubes that only have the heaters hooked up. Bury Cmoy under lots of impressive looking caps and wiring. Step 2...... Step 3. Profit.
  21. Wow I guess lots of caps and wires makes things sound better
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