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  1. The Focal Be speakers are on my short list of favorites. Actually the first Focals I really liked. I don't like the Wilsons that use the Focal drivers and never liked the older Utopias. Like them so much I use the Be tweeters in my car.
  2. Sweet! Just like ordering a Xin.
  3. I already have a soldering iron so I would just like to purchase a kit. Hopefully it will come with the pre-punched case. Doing all those big holes looks nasty.
  4. Also can look for "adel" clamps. Pretty much the same thing Kevin posted but used in aviation. Come in all different sizes with different insulators depending on application.
  5. I wouldn't mind a copy of the gerbers....pretty please.
  6. Cost $51 w/insurance to send the B22 from here in Iraq(should be that same as from NY) to Florida. I figured shipping one to the UK is about $150. How the monkeys treat along the way is a different story.
  7. naamanf

    Markl Mods

    I have some Lagavulin and 15yr Laphroaig anxiously awaiting my return.
  8. Also could build a HTPC with a case that has a built in touchscreen. Could do a lot more than just play music. Totally OT but I am waiting on DTV to come out with their USB receiver so I can build a mega with HTPC with a couple TB of storage. Then I don't have to keep erasing Tyra and Americas Next Top Model so I can record Family Guy in HD.
  9. I'm actually finishing up a mod for the B22 that makes it sound better than the Raptor! And all you need is a snorkel, ice pick, and a avocado for the mod.
  10. While reading that I was hoping it was going to be JenaLabs. And it was! Who would name their company after a has-been porn star that now looks like Skelator anyway?
  11. Well I hope he has a pocket full of IRFZ24Ns. Let's just say I learned the hard way what happens for that split second when 1/4" headphone jacks are plugged/unplugged and the volume is cranked up.
  12. I better keep up with all the threads going around to see what rumors and allegations are being spread about me. One of the B22s I built should be at CamJam (if the USPS comes through). Actually makes me a bit nervous that many people seeing something I built.
  13. McMaster Carr FTW. Love that place.
  14. What do you fly/work on? I am sure I could come up with something.
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