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  1. I am currently working on stuffing mine. Takes a bit of planning on stuffing the parts. Makes doing 16 B22 boards look easy.
  2. I wouldn't deal with a company that doesn't ship a $5 product that is in stock within a week. That is just down right unacceptable from any company for any reason. I could see if SP was a side business or hobby taking a bit of extra time to build/repair/ship product, but not as a full time business. Sounds like he should have hired extra help. I know for a fact there are plenty of skilled migrant house builders in Colorado that would love a inside job for less than minimum wage under the table.
  3. I have the Xi and it just doesn't make a perfect straight cut. Get a little hump in the middle. Doesn't effect the smoke but bothers me none the less.
  4. Sweet mahogany! Think of those of us with slow satellite internet in third world countries. I am going to go to bed and when I wake up the pictures might be fully download. Why do I have the feeling it's going to look like a scene from Real Genius?
  5. If I had to guess it's no longer sponsored by SP. Look at the list of equipment. Only one SP amp. I would think if they/he were still sponsoring they would bring the best of what they have working.
  6. Check out the first page for the meet. No longer at SP.
  7. I did what I do every day; try and take over the world.
  8. Even twisting them together, two seconds with a soldering iron, and $.02 of shrink wrap would have been better. And just as easy.
  9. Another Por Larranaga and JLP. Man these are tasty little sticks. Viva la Habanos.
  10. Smoke a hookah. Had a Montecristo Petit Edmundo, Por Larranaga Panetela, and a JLP Petit Cazadore. Yum.
  11. Just received the board and all the parts except the transformers and resistors. Should be fun stuffing this one. Lots of parts in tight spaces. As what would be better I guess I will only know once it's done. I would think that the Sabre8 on paper is a better DAC than the PCM63s but what really matters is how it sounds. Let you know in a couple days/month
  12. Lately I have been printing out posts from Sovkiller and other nefarious douche bags and using that.
  13. Well I have the board and 90% of the parts that should be here any day. Not sure how long it will take before it makes music though.
  14. I have been spending a lot of my free time smoking cigars lately. Not that I needed any more but I wanted some smaller quick burns. Bundle each of Jose La Piedra Petit Cazadores and Por Larranaga Panetela. Threw in some Monte #2 for good measure Now I wait......
  15. I have a large Tempur-Pedic NeckPillow that I have had for the last couple of years. I really like it a lot. My wife also has one of the smaller ones. We tried out the generic versions but they just were not as good as the Tempur-Pedics. They are a bit on the expensive side though. But considering it should last many years and improve your sleep (which is priceless) I think it's well worth the extra cost. I would just try one from someplace you can return it.
  16. Fixed. I am still at a loss why a K1000 cable would only have three wires to begin with.
  17. Just had a Sabor Cubano Grand Torpedo. Great smoke! A box of these is definitely going to get stashed away. And another for smoking now
  18. This is definitely on my list of builds. I need to brush up on my Solidworks so I can have a case fitting for such an amp. Hmmm monoblock or single chassis?
  19. We use to get those by the donkey load. We would catch donkey trains full of them being smuggled across the boarder from Syria. Made the cigarette smokers happy when we would land with the rear of the helicopter full of them.
  20. I suck. Good thing for mods and the edit function.
  21. Just had a Reserva Del Milenio Monticristo Robusto (Cuban). Purchased a jar of these back in 2000 and smoked maybe 6 so far. They keep getting better with age. If only I had a good scotch to go with it.
  22. It has binding post speaker connections on the back so it should have worked if he just plug it in that way.
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