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  1. I have used Advanced Circuits a couple times here in Colorado. I also have some boards I ordered from Futurlec waiting back in Iraq. They seem to be the way to go if you want a lot of little boards made up and are not in a hurry.
  2. I am also interested in a discrete I/V stage for the Buffalo. I have a IVY and a Zapfilter but would like a circuit I could lay down on my own board.
  3. What problems are you having with the IVY?
  4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500. I needed a point and shoot.
  5. Paradigm Atoms for my computer speakers.
  6. Who said anything about prostitution. Just be a nice guy.
  7. Or you can buy a plane ticket to Hungary
  8. I would think so. I had this very religious girlfriend in my early 20s. Very nice girl but every day with her was a cuddle party. I had never experienced BB until then. Lets just say don't expect to see me at any cuddle parties soon.
  9. I am really looking forward to hearing my 650s balanced with the B22. Like you I have been totally underwhelmed by the 650s. And the wood work looks great!
  10. X2 because I am sick of hooking up the usb cable.
  11. naamanf

    canjam 08

    Have fun at Canjam guys/gals. I will be off in a couple hours to fly home for my mid-tour leave. It will all be over by the time I get home so I look forward to seeing some good pics.
  12. First I suggest you don't do it and invest a little more cheese on a better iron. I have owned a couple in the past and they have been okay. The problem with them is the tips suck. If you don't plan on doing a lot of DIY you should be fine as long as you take care of it. As for size the smaller ones will be fine for phone wires but for larger stuff you will want something with more power. Stay away from guns. I purchased a Xytronic as I iron for here in Iraq and I have had really good luck with it. It also uses Hakko tips.
  13. Crossover? Comb filter?
  14. B&O 50ASX2. Nice. Let us know how you like them. I have heard the Jeff Rowland amps and they sound pretty darn good. Made in Colorado Springs to boot!
  15. Seems a lot of you have something in common with this guy
  16. Okay have to add another one.
  17. Not sure if this one has been done yet. If not here it goes. This is Kaiser and he does not like to party.
  18. naamanf

    GTA IV

    I'm looking forward to the returns on my Take2 stock options.
  19. That it pretty much what the HE stats come with as an adapter. I am sure the quality of that one exceeds the HE version.
  20. I wouldn't wish the older Utopia tweeters on my worst enemy. Bright POS they were. The W cone drivers were okay. The new Be tweeters are a different animal and sound really really good. The Be mids are good but I prefer (and use) Scan Speak Revelators.
  21. The Focal Be speakers are on my short list of favorites. Actually the first Focals I really liked. I don't like the Wilsons that use the Focal drivers and never liked the older Utopias. Like them so much I use the Be tweeters in my car.
  22. Sweet! Just like ordering a Xin.
  23. I already have a soldering iron so I would just like to purchase a kit. Hopefully it will come with the pre-punched case. Doing all those big holes looks nasty.
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