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  1. Four words. Rocky. Mountain. Audio. Fest. Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2008 The best of the best and everything in between will be there. Plan on spending the weekend listening to everything. I would think after that you should have a good feeling for what you like. There are some pretty good stores in the Denver area. For Paradigm, I don't know about Denver but there is The Stereo Shop in the Springs. Dealt with them before and they are some pretty good guys.
  2. If you can get in on the feeding frenzy and have the ability or find someone to build it for you, I think the TP Buffalo would fit the bill nicely. Plus it could also be made balanced so you wouldn't have to upgrade in the future.
  3. Yes as long as the hooch is in a plastic container and less than three ounce. You can bring as many that can fit in a zip-lock bag. For the machine gun as long as it's in a locked container and checked. You could also try for the rectal cavity method but YRMV. On a side note when we fly over here and back we are all armed, most with a carbine and side arm. But they won't let us have knives. Go figure.
  4. I hope it was already split. I remember the one year my parents cheaped out and bought un-split logs. Nothing like spending the summer making large pieces of wood into smaller ones.
  5. Thanks for the offer Nate. I will give it a whirl with that parts I currently have sitting around and if I can't get it with-in the .1V I will drop you a PM. Edit: It's a Duet so it needs a 9v zener.
  6. Parts to make a σ11 power supply for my inbound Squeezebox.
  7. It sounds very good but do to the fact it's a truck, it will never be a two seat car. I much prefer to listen to music in my car than in my house. But then again I need to seriously upgrade my house set-up. Getting rid of all the resonance and vibrations definitely is a large part of getting it to sound good. Speaker placement also plays a large amount into it. Great speakers in a crappy location will sound like crap. You also need a good crossover/eq to fix things that placement/enclosure design can not. I think that's part of the reason I like it because it's a real challenge to get
  8. Any one else here into car audio? This is a little install I did about two years ago. I plan to change it up a bit when I get back and maybe compete a little more. 2007 Tahoe install - MP3Car.com
  9. I definitely plan on building one (or five) but how crazy I am going to go is undecided. I am starting to pick up Solidworks (don't think I will ever be a master) and would like to design a custom case for it. But like all things time and money are a factor.
  10. No $20,000 cables here. I think three would be good to start with for all the main channels, then go from there.
  11. Looks like more of my money will be going to AMB. Still waiting on the B24 to be released so I can build 5 for my home theater:eek:
  12. Oh I don't really know where to go with this one. Being Jewish and German I could go either way......
  13. Or flies a "State of the art" military aircraft everyday:rolleyes:
  14. Probably. Maybe someone can find an NSN for it and I can get a hold of a spool.
  15. If you were up for a little DIY you could build a USB Opus with a Metronome ASRC board for around $300. Would also give you the option to upgrade to a full balanced DAC in the future by just adding boards.
  16. He could at least have used a good one. Even drawing up a simple board to use a PCM2707 would have been better.
  17. I would go with two PS boards to be safe.
  18. I kind of like the way the BGs just give the rest of the blue capacitors the finger. "Fuck you. I'm red. What are you going to do about it?"
  19. It's all up and running ghetto style. I have a DIR9001 receiver, PMD100 digital filter, and the PCM63P-K DACs. Many thanks to Pars for hooking me up with -V reg to get it going. So far I think it sounds very very good. I plan on letting it burn in for about two minutes to two years then compare it to the Buffalo. I might also look into adding a external clock and upgrading the analog PS caps.
  20. When I built the last four B22s two of them were for 230v. Anybody that can build a 110v B22 should be able to build a 230V one. It can even be made switchable with a IEC that can switch between 230V and 110V.
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