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  1. If the deeps loose that horrible bottom end of the regulars they could be okay. But being the best headphone under $2000? please.
  2. 3G is a cellular standard. A iTouch 3g would be a iPhone.
  3. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. Lets see that hate mail start pouring in. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/post-pics-your-darth-beyers-205806/index192.html#post4310731
  4. It's like we just went back in time.
  5. So far I am pretty happy with my XPS->Buffalo DAC. Not high end as far as price goes though.
  6. Going to post this here and not even bother with the other place. So I have wanted a pair of snake wood Darths for some time now. I figured I would like how they sound seeing as I like my '03 880s and how much they are hyped at the other place. So when a pair showed up at half price in the for sale section I jumped on them. I received them today. Really? People really like these? I know they were going to be a bit bass heavy but not bass bloated. The low end totally ruins any chance they have of sounding good. Or okay for that matter. Makes me really question all the people that talk t
  7. I'm not sure if it would be worth the trouble pulling them apart to replace the cable. The problem is that the ear cups are glued in place (bad idea I know) and would have to be removed.
  8. I am liking the 1.2Bs enough that I just might have to give them a socket on the BH. I really wish they would have replaced this crappy cable with a Stax in the first place. Buffalo->BH->12.B= So far I am really impressed with the 1.2Bs. Glad I hung in there. Time will tell how they hold up in the long run.
  9. That is tempting. Would make a fun little Linux box. I just wish it had a IR receiver on it. Stupid Sony.
  10. 100 Cigar Humidor Hydra Humidifier 94 Cigars Need to have a vice since they don't let us drink. :prettyprincess:
  11. Here is some Buffalo pRon in my test bed.
  12. It looks like they are on their second test board of the Uber controller which they should have in a week or so. They are going to have a CS8614 MUX that has 1 AES input and 3 SPDIF with I2S and SPDIF output. All the inputs and outputs will be transformer coupled. Can either be switched with the Uber or a rotary switch. I'm excited. As for the Buffalo I am very impressed. A couple things jump out at me between it and the Opus/COD. It seems to be much more 3D. Instruments now have much greater depth and layering. Another is how basses sound, both electric and acoustic. They just sound amazi
  13. A second the B22 as a good amp for the B22. I picked up my pair off of ebay for $50ish bucks. Did the mods myself for another $10. So they can be had inexpensively if you are patient. On a side note I have yet to install the fabric over drivers, so my ears touch the electret. Needless to say if I touch anything grounded I get a nice little shock through my ears. So if you get them and mod them make sure you install the fabric over the drivers.
  14. Sure hope you don't have any cows in the house trying on the Stax
  15. I have plans for a bandsaw/jointer/planer in the works My excuse is I will need them for the cabinet work to do the bar
  16. Tell me about it. I get to finish my basement and redo all the flooring when I get back from Iraq.
  17. Yup. I don't even plan on listening to them. I don't want to ruin my opinion of them.
  18. Another pair of headphones http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f10/sold-darh-beyer-v3-elite-snakewood-standard-size-cup-324877/
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