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  1. A Belated happy Birthday to you, Sir Colin of Toole!
  2. Heading to the biggest RV and camping show in the Northeast, in beautiful Springfield, MA.
  3. Unfortunately I have had teaching schedule changes and other travel commitments near this date that pretty much ensure that I will not be there.
  4. Right now it’s -14 in Northfield with a wind chill of -32. But then we are having a high in the mid 30s tomorrow, so almost a 50 degree swing in about 24 hours. Pretty Crazy.
  5. Caught this little moocher (live-trap) in our kitchen this morning
  6. Happy Birthday, Gram! Welcome to the 60s.
  7. Last night at Oakes and Evelyn started with a half dozen oysters and a spicy chorizo bao bun then a small plate of grilled octopus (left) and seared foie gras and ahi tuna (right) and last a cup of coffee with some deconstructed cheesecake
  8. First episode was excellent. Currently streaming on Hulu.
  9. A belated Happy Birthday, Renato!
  10. The bomb cyclone knocked out power in Northfield (and a good chunk of the rest of Vermont). But we got our generator working on propane so we have working heat, refrigerator, stove and outlets in one room. Trying to conserve propane to just use the essentials since this is the first time we used this generator in Vermont and it is unclear how long this may last. Update: The power came back on around 6:15. The generator worked great and we were able to make a nice dinner and finish eating before power was restored. We feel pretty good about the first test.
  11. Looking good here, probably better than 70:30.
  12. morphsci


    ^^This. We used a Gator case with a TSA approved lock for Peter’s electric guitar when we flew out to Colorado to take him to Colorado State. Worked like a charm as long as they do not lose your checked luggage.
  13. A Belated Happy Birthday Wish for you, Jeff!
  14. Went for a hike yesterday on Paine Mountain, right behind our house
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