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  1. George Benson "Bad Benson" on vinyl (sounds great) of my favs from my jazz guitar days.
  2. "Yes, the TeddyDAC fully supports 192/24 files on the three S/PDIF inputs. The USB input is limited to 48/24. To those who want to use 192/24 with USB, for optimal results I recommend using M2Tech HiFace, or HiFace Evo for which I also make a dedicated power supply (the TeddyEvo)." Teddy
  3. Head Fi would assist would better in your search. Best of luck.
  4. Those Fentimans are really good, one of them is really strange I think it's the burdock.
  5. Soft Machine third on VINYL for 30 bucks
  6. Yay for Feb checked a couple days ago and they said March.
  7. Let me know what you think, even if you think it's shit dumplings.
  8. Don Van Vliet, a/k/a Captain Beefheart, RIP - New York Music - Sound of the City Thanks for all the great art Don. Sad day.
  9. The digger up of old threads most certainly gets the shovel.
  10. dude, you spelled Turkey wrong... hahahah Congrats
  11. There was some talk about the Orpheus in this thread and I was wondering if anybody could chime in with some comparisons?
  12. diebenkorn

    Top Gear

    Would they call it Low Gear? Wish Divine was still alive, picture herm driving the hell out of a beat up chevy.
  13. Thought that was the Expungeables
  14. Congrats hope he gets into U of F.
  15. Happy, happy, happy happy happy, happy.
  16. Thanks Dusty, it was next on the list
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