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  1. It just struck me that Todd's kitten would probably be able to crawl into the port holes in my sub. Remind me not to combine large subs and kittens.
  2. I've got a PB13-Ultra myself: The size of a large doghouse and weighing 155 lbs, it actually goes down to 8 Hz linearly when operating in 10 Hz mode, making the walls in my apartment shake when I crank the volume a bit. Oh, and I highly recommend Room EQ Wizard. It's been a tremendous help in my speaker setup.
  3. The guy also known as Romy the Cat from the GoodSoundClub website?
  4. Go for a Lavry Gold (a.k.a. DA924 or DA2002). You'll find the money eventually.
  5. Currently stuck in a holiday house in the middle of nowhere in Denmark, here goes: With stuff I own in bold: Tier 1: L3000 (balanced stock cable) Tier 2: HD650 (balanced stock cable) = K701 > K1000 > RS1 >>>> Qualia (I strongly dislike the way they completely fuck over tonality) Tier 3: ESW9 (work rig) > DT880 > SR80 Tier 4: Super.Fi 5 Pro (portable rig) > SR80 Tier 5: HD495 (don't laugh, my first real phones) The rest is stuff I've owned or loaned for an extended period but didn't like for one reason or the other. I would place the GS1000 as Tier 2 and R10 as Tier 1 a smidgeon behind the L3000.
  6. I feel your pain mate, even if I only have 2 balanced headphones sitting idle.
  7. APL == Eternal wait for sources Singlepower == Eternal wait for amps We need a smiley for eternal waiting, maybe a smiley with x eyes and cobwebs all over it...
  8. There are three additional photos in my gallery here on HC.
  9. x4. I know all about excess. For instance, since my future amp has no room left on the back panel, I asked Mikhail to add an additional position to the input switcher that will allow me to use XLR input #2 as a balanced loop-out for XLR input #1 (albeit with the wrong gender, but that is easily fixed with a pair of male/male XLR adapters). Excess? Possibly, but I like the added flexibility. Here's a pic that shows just how stuffed it is. Oh, and before you mention the spot with the white warning text as a possible place to drill another hole, it's already been covered with a metal plate and fitted with a 6-pin STAX jack.
  10. AFAIK it greatly depends on which SP amps you compare with and also the installed tubes. IIRC the SDS with 6SN7 tubes is warm and euphonic whereas the SP Extreme is very dynamic, focusing on clarity and speed. As for which one feels more "real", that's probably a matter of taste.
  11. I don't have to time to give you a detailed answer, but the short one is: it depends. If your ALSA device makes use of dmix (software mixer) or if you're employing any kind of resampling/EQ then it's not bit perfect. If you playback using eg. the hw:0 ALSA device (or whatever your physical sound card is mapped to) then it will be bit perfect. I don't remember if the TBAAM card resamples internally, but if it does it is probably tied to 48 KHz output, in which case the sound card itself will resample any 44.1 KHz audio sent from a bit perfect linux setup.
  12. Actually we've always had our own separate accounts with a shared "household" account and a shared "savings" account. We both contribute to the shared accounts based on our respective incomes (I have a fulltime job and she's a student so I contribute a lot more than she does). All major shared expenses are discussed in advance and taken from the savings account, whereas we use our separate accounts for personal purchases like hobbies. I also have a budget account where I deposit a fixed amount each month where all regular payments are taken from (rent, insurance, cable, etc.). We have lived together for the past 4 years and this arrangement works excellent for both of us.
  13. Thanks to everyone who's responded so far! Yeah, we practice the art of baby making a lot. Safely. Thanks! My wife also supports my headphone and stereo habits. She has participated in headphone and speaker auditions with me and even said yes to purchase a pair of (in her eyes) ugly boxy black Audio Note AN-E/L speakers because they sounded so nice. I love their mids and open sound. If only I could find some speakers with a bit more resolution and better dynamics like my Stratos Triangle Luna 260 while retaining the lovely mids and openness of the Audio Note, then I'd be set for life.
  14. Sleep is indeed overrated the night after the wedding. We spent our honeymoon at a nearby hotel. Chocolate, champagne and a honeymoon kit from the maid of honor...
  15. Post #200! I haven't had much time to check in here lately, so I didn't spot my birthday thread until today. It birthday went well, almost as well as my wedding, May 10th!!! A brief summary: The weather was perfect, not a single cloud in the sky and hardly any wind. The minister (who happens to be my father-in-law) held a touching ceremony. Our hired photographers did an outstanding job (it seemed, haven't seen the processed pictures yet). The reception went well. The chef made a delicious meal, the wedding cake was gorgeous and I managed to pull off a decent wedding speech for the bride despite being pretty nervous (btw, sleep is overrated the night before the wedding). It was very hot that day and we had just survived an assault of rice from all the guests, so our cheeks are somewhat reddish:
  16. Nice. Added my stuff to my profile.
  17. OT, but I feel an urge to post a link to this thread on gearslutz which has a lot of info (read: bashing) regarding the use of external clocks with DACs (tech savvy people like Dan Lavry basically beat the shit out of the external clock followers): Is it better spending on a Master Clock rather than on Convertors?
  18. Is it possible to let a 'stat charge up on one amp and then quickly unplug it and plug it into another amp with the phone keeping its charge? I ask this partly because I want to know if it's possible to A/B 'stat amps using the same phone, and partly because many tube amps are quite taxing on the power bill, so using an efficient SS amp for keeping the phone charged might save some money over time.
  19. May children must stick together. Happy Birthday!
  20. I'm sure you've mentioned the issues with the OII MkI before, but could I ask you to make a brief summary? I'd like to purchase an OII after my wedding (and after Singlepower delivers my amp ) and I need to be able to make a somewhat informed decision on this, so I know which phone to be on the lookout for. A real shame that I didn't see Humanflys pair until after it had been sold.
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