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  1. @ktm - i feel your pain, almost literally. Yesterday, for the second time in six months I had the dryer almost fully apart. Midway thru: The last time I "fixed" it the problem was just that the belt had jumped the idler pulley. I did notice while I was in there that the belt had a good sized crack but the need to continue to do laundry trumped the need to fix everything. It's only about an hour to get to that level of disassembly. So when it started making a weird screeching noise last weekend I ordered a maintenance kit (belt, idler assembly, and some other misc. bits) for a whopping $40. Andrew and I started disassembling it yesterday around 8:30 and two hours later had a fully functioning, much better sounding, 12+ year old dryer.
  2. @MexicanDragon - WTF is a pocket pitty?
  3. @skullguise - have not, I think we've been out to eat twice in the last two plus years, and maybe only once. I'll put it on the fucking list, though.
  4. Ouch, Steve. I'm just glad it wasn't any worse.
  5. Evidently the Middle East felt left out.
  6. How much do I have to add to my order for a t-shirt?
  7. This. Also, listen to the wise words from Naaman. There are literally some people that you cannot please, doesn’t matter what you do. They are best left to their misery, don’t make it yours.
  8. Just the start. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/08/coca-cola-follows-mcdonalds-starbucks-in-suspending-business-in-russia.html
  9. If this was your first post we might have to give you some kind of prize.
  10. Lily and I decided that while it was no longer my birthday, cake was still required. So we made our favorite, Key Lime Cake.
  11. Decided that despite crushing myself on Zwift for an hour this morning that 65 and sunny (it was supposed to rain) was too nice to pass up. So did another 17 miles on the road. Ass sufficiently kicked.
  12. Not that anyone was following this saga, but this is exactly what I ended up doing. Thankfully I was able to find someone selling a nearly new Dura-Ace crankset with integrated 4iii dual-sided power meter for half price and my shop charged me like $30 to install the whole thing. I think I'll be able to recoup a couple hundred from reselling the old Stages PM. Now if the weather would just allow for me to get the bike back out on the road.
  13. MOT MOT MOT MOT - wait, what trade are we talking here? Regardless, I'm in and Paypal will be on the way shortly for 2lbs.
  14. In for 2lbs here. How are you planning to roast, Dan?
  15. There are plenty of commercial products (and DIY for that matter) that take a line-level signal and use passive components to create a differential signal. My first thought would be that if you're going to do that, it'd be something I'd argue is worth spending some serious $ on.
  16. Thanks all. Crap day at work fighting dry dock struggles but making up for it in Boston tonight - heading to Celtic's game shortly. First, an Old Fashioned with dinner.
  17. happy belated birthday, Craig!
  18. This. Have been through something similar, but shorter, and it is no fun.
  19. Happy Birthday, Naaman. Here's to hoping your day is filled with ping pong and family fun.
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