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  1. Happy belated Carl, looks like it was an awesome event.
  2. I just need a phone case with a projector laser pointer lighter printer blade built-in.
  3. Pretty happy with the G3 still since it's fairly close in spec except for removable battery and microsd card slot, especially now that it's pretty much unlocked thanks to the bump workaround.
  4. 6 looks amazing if you can handle the size. *ba dum tsh*
  5. Man, I've missed this thread. If paying, pick for antivirus is Eset NOD32 all the way. Free tools like Malwarebytes I also recommend. Immunization with spybot search and destroy is really helpful as well. Free DVD ripper for closest to original burning is DVD shrink (It rips and resizes perfectly to largest quality to fit on disc and it lets you select which streams not to include like languages and extras). AnyDVD HD is something I've purchased however for blu-ray playback and ripping. EAC is the best CD ripper for quality I know of. Foobar2000 is a great free listening, organizing and converting tool I also recommend. I use mp3tag to manage tags as well. Google drive is my favorite free office alternative. Don't forget to make your own backups, because window's own solution is not reliable. I use the free Macrium reflect. CCleaner is useful to clean temporary internet files. Must have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are adblock plus, ghostery, and https everywhere. Recommend using CCCP (combined community codec pack) for codecs and video playback over VLC lan. If you are security and virus conscious, try secunia PSI to alert you when a program needs to be updated for security, it is free and will even auto update most things.
  6. I used to use ZoneAlarm until the big story in 2006 was that they had purposely built in a back door and it was being abused. Eset Nod32 has been absolutely great for my antivirus over the past 8 years, they probably do make a good firewall. Wireshark helps me monitor the traffic, Kali linux is fun if you want to do network penetration testing. Shellshock is hitting Linux really hard right now though. Steam box just announced the new Borderlands game was coming, found that surprising. I'm kind of a Ubuntu fan boy too.
  7. They do disrupt it. They abruptly say sport groups of students need to report somewhere or be dismissed in five minutes. Or the network is down and they need help so students can take important tests. Or that a parent plans to come and complain about me to anyone who will listen if they can't get access to yesterday's assignments grade immediately. Then you have the outside of work time sensitive notifications such as "your residence seems to be flooding".
  8. I was interested in the moto 360 until the wall street journal review and video leaked last night. It will need charging at least twice a day according to them, being dead by 4 p.m. and effectively useless to me then. I don't really like the G watch R either personally, so I'll be waiting for the hardware and software to improve. I'll chime in on the purpose debate. It's a nice convenient way to check notifications and time at a glance and to perform simple tasks at one glance without spending the seconds to pull out, unlock, lock, and place phone back in your pocket. Voice commands are key. It doesn't require you to obviously break your attention to put a glowing distracting screen in your hands and between you and the environment in situations where that matters, such as in conversation, riding a bike, eating, driving, etc. You don't need to do anything but say "ok Google, text/email/navigate to/remind me ________" to do common tasks like these and searching much more conveniently and fast. I feel more comfortable at work checking a watch than pulling out a phone suggesting that I'm off task. I wouldn't be missing all those time sensitive messages and emails while I'm teaching and won't trigger the students smartphone addiction as much in class. I won't irritate my co-workers as much by always being on my phone checking things between classes when they are desperate for social interaction with adults in the short time they have. I might even be able to dispel some of the reputation of me being a parasitic host to an electronic device that I currently have among some. Very soon, these watches will have more standalone features such as the ability to play music and navigate saved routes which will further appeal to fitness users as well.
  9. Nexus 4 will be going strong for a long time yet I'd expect. Found a solution that lets me stream uncompressed bluray video from smb shares locally using diceplayer for android that I'm excited about. Walked 6 miles yesterday listening to spotify on HQ using the Senn PX100-II. The audio quality on this phone is VERY good it seems. It outclasses the S3 on both Bluetooth (not sure how, but most likely using a newer higher quality profile) and headphone jack by a noticeable amount. Also tested out the signal at my workplace. Getting a solid 2-3 more bars signal on average than the S3 as well. The popcorn time app is attracting a lot of attention for its built in VPN service for illegally streaming new movies on phone and thru chromecast. I honestly haven't installed it, don't suspect it will be running long.
  10. That's amazing Brent! Congrats to you and Xavier!
  11. Mainly, it seemed the most likely candidate to receive an unlocked boot loader and have developer support on Verizon. The crazy screen, slim bezels, micro-SD card slot, removable battery, laser auto-focus, button layout and $99 on Verizon deal didn't hurt. Gotta say I love the double tap screen on/off feature. Aside from that, I don't like the looks of the S5 or its health/finger reader gimmicks (not going for the company that developed KNOX either). The m8 is heavy, slippery, and more fragile due to its metal construction, not to mention having to deal with S-off BS, etc. The Note 4 would probably be tempting when it comes out if the boot loader does not actually get unlocked, though the G3 is still very useable one handed. LG makes very nice cases to add protection, wireless charging, and not increase thickness hardly at all. Here is a gallery of the setup. I had to reduce the screenshots to a quarter of their size to avoid the 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  12. LG G3 is working out well with xposed framework, WiFi tether router, and nova launcher taking care of the locked boot loader ftm. Screen is awesome after some calibrating.
  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Had a great day in the mountains of Asheville, cheers!
  14. Happy Birthday Brent!!
  15. First, makes no mention if Spotify premium or not. It streams in higher quality. Secondly, this is a horrible test that assumes all the data sent is audio data and not cover art, advertisements, album listings, caching of the next track, etc.
  16. I don't know if any of you pay for spotify premium and use windows, but if so,the Fidelify app, at http://fidelify.net/ recently updated and seems to allow you to use wasapi exclusive mode. Sounds much better to my ears and the GUI is decent and usable.
  17. Best wishes to you and your mother Steve.
  18. manaox2


    I love KeePass 2. That with KeeFox extension works wonders. It's all free, lots of syncing plugins, and works on every OS.
  19. I'm strongly considering getting the Moto 360 smart watch on day 1 if it's remotely affordable. It's what I've been wanting for a long time.
  20. No updates are available yet is all. Yep, kernel is usually simple and doesn't require factory reset. Just flash, clear cache, and reboot.
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