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  1. Voltron

    TTVJ Blues

    Now Aaron swears in every post! Head-case time is gonne get him in trouble once the 'Fi is back up.
  2. Voltron

    Happy Turkey Day

    Make that 45 million and 1. We're having 28-30 over today and had to go the two-bird route. Brined and roasted to perfection. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. Voltron

    Headcase Logo Contest!

  4. Voltron

    Happy Birthday jp11801!

    I think you made it but head-case is off by an hour for me. I should probably check my settings. How is the trip treating you? Happy turkey day!
  5. And to think that earlier I thought you might have gone to bed. \ I knew that couldn't be right. Anyway, glad to have an enthusiastic response because I am not sure this combo has ever been tried. One question would be whether some or all gear has to be put away for party time, whatever that means. I was at the office until after midnight tonight and had to postpone birthday celebration with JP, which sucked. He was out drinking and record shopping without me, and I was toiling away. Pisses me off. Supposedly tomorrow night will be a rain-check so hopefully that will work.
  6. Neil is not as fussy as you might think. But, that is not what I am thinking about for the meet. I am certain that he can be convinced to bring the NWO wherever it needs to be. I also think that we might be able to pop by his place while you and Mike and Aaron and Gene and whoever else are here. Right Neil? I'm thinking Animal House meets Head-Fi/Case. I'm thinking overnighter. Wait, I'm thinking about my house so it won't really be like Animal House. But I am think my house in Marin with a sleepover option for the out-o-towners, and a party option for all.
  7. I've hosted a couple meets in SF and there was the Party at Neil's place, and I am sure others.
  8. Who said John gets to host that meet? I have some ideas of my own and they don't involve San Leandro. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but hey, there are other locales to check out. Also, I have a trial that month and it would be nice to avoid February 16-25 unless that jacks up your availability.
  9. Voltron

    Happy Birthday jp11801!

    Happy birthday Numbers! Still hoping to see you tonight for a pint or two at 21st A. When I first tried Head-case this morning I got an error, which I figured was your b-day wishes flooding the site! Have a good one buddy.
  10. A few things I forgot to mention! First of all, we all owe JP#s a lot of thanks for setting this up, booking and paying for the room and for managing to keep it all together even with HF down. Thanks JP and Also, I thought it was important to note that we decided early on that this was actually a Head-Case Meet given the fact that Head-Case saved the meet and made planning possible. So we started swearing a lot, trading insults, and being open about our disgust for each other. That made it even more fun than a normal Head-Fi meet. Lastly, I_D's great pics of Satan's Delicious Sound reminded me that I wanted to thank GuzziGuy for jump-starting my amp. The regulators on the PS have to ignite and require a fair amount of juice and/or a healthy light source. The cafe was over-taxed and under-powered to begin with so I couldn't ignite more than two tubes at first. I set it to four tubes and switched on the plates but no ignition. The only lamp was a cheesy fluouresant so that wouldn't do. We had the idea to try using a camera flash and Ken stepped up with his dinky digital. One flash and POP went four tubes! That was funny as hell and really made me believe Mikhail's comments about either using light to ignite.
  11. Voltron

    Happy Birthday Pretty Princess!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY! Have a Chiumphant meet! Cheers.
  12. Now that's some funny shit.
  13. Alex talked about this future uber rig, which I think is a P01 and two D01s all fully modded to APL 3.0 level. It will be over $60-70K.
  14. During the day I had one Pliny draft, one Sierra Nevada Celebration draft, and one Fuller's London Pride hand-cask draft. Life is good. The NWO will be at more meets and you will too, one of these days.
  15. Voltron

    Seattle Meet (11-17-2007) Impressions

    Congrats on pulling off the meet against the odds folks! Looks like fun and of course plenty of great gear was there too!
  16. "Modding" is such an understatement. The APL unit uses the case, the transport and half the power supply. Otherwise everything is replaced with Alex's hand-done work and of course the addition of the s/pdif input and the tube output stage and whatever other magic goes into this beast. WOW is right.
  17. More pics: Gran's tube stash and the ZD: Gran with the K1000 on the HD2: The rest of JP's rig playing from the Mac Mini to the Cosecant DAC to the HD2. Very good stuff: JP rig with the nice big iPod thing: HD2 is BAD lookin': JP enjoying his own rig with the balanced brown leather old school RS-1: What's this? An RS-1 with old school dark wood on one side and newer lighter wood on the other? Strange but true. But maybe the plutonium in the paper bag was the real secret to the power of the HD2: Ori's rigs with the modded Chinese 300B amp on one side and the really nice new DAC/amp combo ($743!) that Ori was showing. Good stuff. Still waiting for a face plate: But it would look something like this: Random fun with multi-thousand dollar power cables plugged into a $2.99 power strip (stolen from HeadFest 2007 by the way! ) GuzziGuy rocking to his own rig, which is worthy of rockin': Min's Zanden rig sounds amazing every time I hear it: Alex P got a listen and thought it was pretty great at well: Oh, and here's my stuff, which looks a lot like it does at my house except without the big giant mirror wall behind it:
  18. Look at this crazy thing! Alex said it takes him about 40 hours to build this thing and it isn't even the bulk of the time he has to spend modifying the Teac. The bass is truly something and the clarity across the range was wild. The NWO involves you from the first notes and this unit was just completed the day before the meet. Alex said that after 200 hours the sound will really bloom and be markedly better than it was today. That is something to think about. Looking forward to hearing the A-B comparison at Neil's with the Emm Labs but my wallet is worried. Not saying I am less satisfied with my Emm but there is a chance that the NWO is the best digital source in the world. Here are some more pics of the insides: The APL, complete with the JJ Tesla ECC99 tubes on the back: The Teac (Dan's) with the standard boards and such: The man and his creation: The NWO with SS-1: The late-arriving ES-2 had to find space on the ground with the grocery bags and fanny packs and such:
  19. Look at this crazy thing!
  20. My car is packed up but I am on a work conference call and will try to be there as soon as I can be. See you all soon.
  21. I found some stuff in my Hydra 8 box that may belong to somebody from the last meet in SJ. They are all cables of two types. Weird I never heard about this but I will bring them to the meet saturday. It seems possible that some of them were Dan's or Mikhail's. I have boxed up the SDS-XLR and lots of tubes and the Emm Labs and some cans and some other stuff. I will bring my rack so that little or no table space is needed for my stuff.
  22. Voltron

    Head-Fi Update on Facebook

    Evil Spock is going to drain away all your head-fi knowledge!
  23. Bring your own! What the fuck, ok. Call Min, though, and see if he is coming and what he is bringing. I don't have his number.
  24. Den Mother, do tell why you have this info...
  25. That's what I was wondering. Talk to you tomorrow to see where we're at and who is MIA with HF down and out.