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  1. I also like it quite a bit and I'm glad it doesn't sound just like Dummy. That would be dumb.
  2. I have the O2s with the 007t and rock is not their best medium. I will listen some more and post up some thoughts because this evening I was planning to listen to that rig with the Onix CD-1 feeding it balanced. I'll put some rock on the menu tonight.
  3. Here are The Tubes fagging out, not that there's anything wrong with that. Actually, somewhere at my house I have a autographed copy of their promo photo, and Re Styles "signed" it with a big lipstick kiss.
  4. Hey Jeff, glad to see you on Head-Case! I was going to ping you on the other site when I saw you were at the NYC meet. Cool that you are in the headphone game again. Are you going to CanJam? Our nutty Florida friends are setting up a pretty amazing show down there... Hope you can make the trip. Oh, and by the way, none of those fuckers from the NYC meet who trashed your gear will be allowed in Florida...
  5. J&R is fine, but you can also search on Head-fi in the member's lounge to find threads on finding headphones in NYC. I went to one store when I was there for a work trip and they had pretty much the whole Grado line on display. Cannot recall the name but it was in one of those threads. I agree that SR-225 is where it is at for a reasonably-priced Grado, and also agree that 325i is the better can but I still would not buy that over the 225. You could also get some SR-60s for knocking around if you want something more expendable.
  6. How is The Ninety Days? WWII is fascinating to me. I just started this, speaking of world wars:
  7. Todd has a good relationship with Yama's so maybe you could get him to help you out and order it for a better price.
  8. What does it taste like though?
  9. Happy Birthday to me . . . Pure Audiophile: The Ray Brown Trio Soular Energy 180 Gram Fantasy 45s: Duke Ellington & Ray Brown This One's For Blanton Miles Davis The New Miles Davis Quintet Charlie Byrd Trio Byrd At The Gate Miles Davis Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants Barney Kessel, Ray Brown, Shelly Manne The Poll Winners John Lee Hooker Burning Hell
  10. The HD-25 is a good choice, but for a relatively cheap alternative with lots of bass -- maybe too much -- try the AKG K81DJ. It is not the best headphone but it meets your criteria. The K181DJ is bigger and more isolating, but really cannot recall what they sound like. If you can find an ATH-A500/700/A900 for a reasonable price, I also think those can make a decent portable option. They are easy to drive and sound pretty good. Not super bassy, though.
  11. Happy Birthday Smeggy! It is time to put Plan B into effect and we WILL rule the world! Also, gesundheit and Farfegnuegen to our "German" friends. You know what it's like to want to rule the world, now don't you? Cheers all! I think a little Scotch with my coffee couldn't hurt.
  12. Resistance is futile
  13. Pestering FTW! Congrats Tao and enjoy the Stax goodness. 2008 is obviously the Year of the Stax/'stats.
  14. I just cannot see being upset by such a thing. It might make viewing a little more work but people over there are claiming that there will be a mass exodus if Jude doesn't change it back. Give me a break.
  15. Voltron

    UPS Sucks

    Seems like a reasonable place to be. 'grats in any event Nate.
  16. Voltron

    slow forum

    Shit, wrong holiday:
  17. My family is French too, but this piece of merde was from France, like Air is.
  18. Apparently I missed this one, V. Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, and Jack DeJohnette, to be exact. Truly one of the best shows I have been to see, and in the top 5 jazz shows for sure. I'm looking for the envy smiley because I really want to see Bob Mould, although I am not sure what the gay discoteque thingy is all about...
  19. Good, non-noobish impressions Indra. Completely consistent with the only other people I know and trust who have heard them. Oh, and I really like that Talkie Walkie album by Air. One of the few things worthwhile I learned about form a deadbeat French boyfriend of my niece.
  20. Yeah, to be specific, Vincent, I have an SRM-1, Mk 2 Pro and it is a good match.
  21. I agree that the stock K701 is boring and flat, but my black dragon balanced K701s out of my SDS-XLR surprised a lot of people at MOA. It really can sound pretty great, have more body and life, and certainly can have a bottom end worth listening to. And mine have not even hit the 7300 hour burn-in mark! All that said, the HD600/650 with a nice Equinox cable will out-perform it in my opinion.
  22. The only ones on your list I have not owned -- or even heard to my memory -- are the MS-Pros. I mostly agree with aerius in that the SA5000 sounds pretty bad compared to even decent high-end cans. They are tizzy and lack weight, though very comfortable. The RS-1 is a beautiful headphone in all respects, but not the most comfortable. Very light but they sit on your ears just like all the other Grados besides GS-1K. The MS-Pro apparently smooths them out a little but I don't really need that. I like my brown leather beauties the way they are. The AD2000 is another can I still own and really like. Warm but still detailed, very comfortable, and very open, on the open-can scale. I use them at work because I can still hear the phone. Really good deal imo. K601 I had and sold, but they are a nice can. I like the look much more than K701s, which I still own (x2 actually, s/e and black dragon balanced). They are darker and maybe warmer than the 701s and the problem is that their resolution isn't very high. At maybe similar price points, I would go with AD2K. Cheers.
  23. 45 RPM Analogue Productions/Acoustic Sounds Re-issues
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