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The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2


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so how does it sound with hd800,lcd? etc...



really people should build it with xlr jacks on the input, then if necessary use the

neutrik rca to xlr adapters.


I'm finishing my second one now, first time I have ever built more than one of the

exact same item. Someone swiped my first one, and the chances of getting that back

are pretty close to nil.


part number of the power switch please.


need to do a group buy of 4 deck rk27 10kohm...


you did remember to remove the jumpers on the power supply board right??

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I've got another section of Canare L4E6S ordered so I can wire up a balanced cable. Single ended it sounds pretty good with LCD2, maybe seems a bit bright. I'll need to double blind with the KSA5 to see if it's just me. I'll take your advice and swap to balanced input at some point.

Switch is from ebay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151028998690

Jumpers? I added two for the sense right at the unit....is there one that comes off? Voltage is a little low, 13.3 is what I'm getting out of it now.

I'd be in for a 4deck 10K if the price is reasonable.

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Dooooooh, that's what I get for not reading the fine print on the chassis. Thanks!

you did remember to remove the jumpers on the power supply board right??

Ok, snipped the jumpers and re-cal'd the boards. Much better.


Been listening to this for a few hours now....definitely rocks. :)


Something about this amp I just like......

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Just wondering to myself if this would be a significant upgrade to my Dynalo (single-ended, built on a Headamp Dynamic V2 circuit board from when Justin also sold boards).


Would a single sigma22 be an appropriate PSU for this?


Does anyone still have boards for this? It would appear I would need a pair of amp pcbs? I think I still have enough Toshiba sand around to do one, but could also go with the currently available stuff from Mouser if need be (and the right boards)


I do have a dynahi (also SE) built up, but have never finished the casing for it.

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Soldered in the CCS adjustment yesterday and fired up the boards for the first time. Initial offsets very minimal, could have worked fine without any trimpot adjustments.






I have also stuffed the digital attenuator boards but have not tried them out yet.


Next up is to build and test the ubal to bal boards next weekend, now that I have all the parts.

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Got it, thanks! On the protect3 circuit, I assume the +VCC and -VCC labels are the two rails from the PSU, right? Is there a specific voltage this circuit is happiest with?


On a related note, the silkscreen for the amp boards says 20V, but the schematic says 15 or 20. I assume this means either will work regardless of the silkscreen label? Also, any power supply recommendations other than the sigma22? I'm not sure my electrical engineering skills are up to the task of scaling down the dynahipower5, plus I don't really want to deal with external heatsinks.

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While I wait for my boards and volume pots to arrive, another question occurred to me. What's the stock gain on this amp? I prefer low gain, since I don't listen to my music very loud, and I like to be able to plug in sensitive IEMs at my desk sometimes. What's the best way to adjust it down if it's relatively high?

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