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KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread


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For RK50, you can look at Octopart here: https://octopart.com/rk50114a0001-alps-7850315. Otherwise, the TKD 4CP2500s are well thought of, and the 4CP601s aren't too far behind. Much cheaper.

As for board placement, I would guess those that place the board at the rear do so to keep them close to the input jacks (noise). This would normally require that the volume pot use a shaft extender and also be placed at the back. For raising the resistors, 2mm should be plenty.

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6 hours ago, Reima said:

I see some builds have the amp boards at the back of the chassis and others at the front. Is there any benefit (sonic or otherwise) to putting them at the front or back?

As a rule of thumb try and keep the transformer as far away from the amp boards as possible. Board placement depends a great deal on whether you’re building a two box or one box chassis. Implementing a two box with an an external psu you do have the luxury of having the amp boards at the back close to the inputs and like Pars mentioned you can then use a long shaft for the volume pot. Btw I’ve not had any had hum issues when using fully encapsulated transformers.

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Tested the two C2M devices I pulled out of the Carbon board last night on one of those cheap chinese device testers. One of them tested as an NPN, the other as a MOS FET. Another new one tested as a MOS FET as well, so guessing the one that thought it was an NPN was the bad one. Tossed it.

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yes it seems to be a problem with my browser
if i just click on the document it tries to load but nothing happens

but if i copy the link to the document and open it in a new tab - everything works

very strange behavior

and the links to gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu seem to be just outdated some of them are quite old, it looks like that hosting is just outdated

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