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10 hours ago, Fitz said:

Has Brent crashed a plane into you yet?


5 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

No, but that's because I'm rearranging my system so I haven't downloaded it yet.

But... Soon...

We are talking about Brent here. We'd probably be on the runway set to take off and he'd have forgot to put fuel in the plane or he'd retract the landing gear by accident before getting off the ground. Then he'd probably blame some one else. 🙃

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16 hours ago, Sherwood said:

I have spent all the money necessary to play MSFS, and the parts are all winging their way to me now.  I'm hopeful I'll have everything sorted by next weekend.

If I see a jet streaking by with a pilot shouting in Romanian I will know it was you, Ambassador Mohawk-Man!

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35 minutes ago, Sherwood said:

I just preordered Cyberpunk from GOG for like $30. It’s some kind of Polish patriotic deal, and we win big time. If you haven’t bought it yet I’d suggest taking a look. 

It is full price for us NA folk. Enjoy the perks of living in eastern europe!


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Been playing through Control now that it's available on Steam, and beat the base game tonight. Damn what a lot of fun that was. Amazing atmosphere, great story and characters, and unbelievably fun combat that gives you a lot of options for any situation. Typically with a game like this I'd find one gun, and maybe one special ability that I like the most, and then only use those ever. Not this time, I gave all the paranatural abilities a healthy amount of use.

Things you can do beyond the typical rooty tooty point and shooty include but are not limited to: Telekinetically picking up anything not nailed down (that includes vending machines, tables, incoming explosives, and even corpses) and introducing it at high speed to the face of any poor soul you have a clear line of sight to. Taking control of weakened enemies' minds to fight for you and serve as brief distractions. Gathering up debris to use as a floating shield to stop incoming fire, and then go on the offensive with it and use it to dash through any nearby enemies, flattening most weaker ones in the process. And my personal favorite, leisurely floating high above most of your enemies, slowly drifting across the room as you rain hell down on them with your weapon or large object of choice (maniacal laughter optional).

These sorts of mechanics have been done before, but here they combine so well and they made the controls for them actually work fluidly. Highly recommended, doubly so if you like weird stories about paranormal events, because there's weird shit galore in this place.

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Diabotical is out on the Epic game store. I'm surprised, I would have thought they'd take longer to get it finished, but it's out. If you've ever wanted to get into a Quake-style game, now's the chance, before everybody spends another 20 years practicing. It's also free, though with cosmetic microtransactions (boo!).

Game seems very well made. A little derivative, but aside from Quake Champions there really hasn't been much innovation in the genre, and Quake Champions is cheaply made and kinda crap imo, no matter how interesting the core design is. I guess outsourcing the game to a third-rate studio instead of developing in-house at id didn't really work out.

Diabotical is most definitely not crap, it's very well made and seems full of smart little touches everywhere. Will it work? Are people gonna play it? Is it the last silent hurrah of an already dead genre? Who knows, but you can't argue with free, so try it out. I think if Epic pushes it, and puts some money into advertising, it might have a chance, the core gameplay is basically Quake and there's little else like it.

... aside from Warsow, and Reflex, and Xonotic, and Doombringer, and all those other very well made, mostly free Quake-style games that NOBODY freaking plays

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The remaster for NieR Replicant now has a store entry on steam (and presumably matching ones on Playstation and Xbox): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113560/NieR_Replicant_ver122474487139/

I really would've preferred they remaster Gestalt rather than Replicant, but assuming they do a good enough job with it, it'll be a much more accessible way for people to get the story that came before Nier: Automata. For some reason most people look at you like you're crazy when you tell them to go buy a Playstation 3 and play the first game before they play Nier: Automata.

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I've been digging my teeth into Wasteland 3 and having an amazing time. A modern take on an old school-style RPG in the vein of the old Fallouts and Baldur's Gate games set in post-apocalyptic Colorado. I'm about 10-15 hours in. Highly recommended, and it is on Games Pass so free to check it out if you are already a subscriber.


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