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Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon


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9 hours ago, purk said:

Well...I had the LG in house for a week and the build quality (chassis wise) is better than that or RSA.  RSA use very thin gauge metal and just happen to photograph well.  I agree with you completely that the engraving is definitely way over done.  That thing thing runs way hotter than even the Dynahi.

Perhaps Cavalli is attempting to emulate its name, ie Liquid Carbon

Perhaps the link below is where Cavalli gets his raw product from.....:P


5 hours ago, johnwmclean said:

I wonder what 'the final edition, of the final edition refined finally' will sound like?

Sadly, there seems to be no final edition of Cavalli products as in him going out of production, period.

We can only dream.......  :ph34r:

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He is facing some stiff completion these days.  The new Sony TA-ZH1ES is crazy good at the asking price.  It can sound a little soft at time but over all it is a very solid buy at the asking price.  Plus you can save some cash because u don't need a Any front source plus it even come with a nice preamp.


Not to mention Doug's and Justin's offerings.

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Stolen from one of my favorite pieces of snark when Wilson released version 53 or whatever of one of his speakers - "maybe this time he'll get it right. " Especially enjoyed it seeing as how I have a speaker that was designed over 60 years ago and only had one minor modification - the Quad electrostatic.  PJ Walker got it right the first time.

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40 minutes ago, spritzer said:

Now where is the picture of that gold plated Single Power amp.... 

The Toaster, aka Supra Supreme? I remember seeing pictures of it at one of the old Canjams over on the other site, gold chassis etc.

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