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NYC Meet Feb 4-5 2017


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1 hour ago, mypasswordis said:

I forgot to add. The AP guy said I can give him a list of all the headphones I want measurements of, and whatever he has he will send to me. Anyone desperately want something in particular? I currently have HE1000 v2, LCD-4, Utopia, and my 2 vintage headphones. When we were there we asked Fang for the Edition 6 to measure but he said all the units he brought to the show were prototypes, so that's not an option. 

Anybody remember how angry he got at CJ'10 when Justin lent Tyll some of his headphones to test?  :P

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AP measurements.. didn't get any requests for any other measurements except from that weird troll who might be an mtoc alt so I didn't ask for any others

note that they equalize to both their free field and diffuse field target curves, whatever they may be


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Hmm good idea, might shoot them an email. I'm wondering about that mid treble hump that seems to show up consistently, and whether it's from target curves, some artifact from the dummy head or all these headphones happen to have a hump there. 

A couple caveats to my vintage headphone results. The pads are more supra aural than circumaural and weren't coupled to the dummy head properly, so take the bass with a grain of salt. Channel matching was surprisingly good, though. Also the srm212 may have been clipping driving the ECR500

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