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Green Beret Foundation Knife Raffe

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I donated a knife and $300 gift certificate I bought at toorknives.com to the Green Beret Foundation, to raffle off to raise money for the them.  The GBF said up a classy.org page to buy a ticket.  I asked Toor to do this since they have 11K followers on IG compared to my 54 and would better be able to promote it.  They are a veteran owned small business and make some cool fixed knives. I then contacted GBF and they agreed to set up a donation page and promote it on social media.   Here is the link: https://fundraise.greenberetfoundation.org/events/in-honor-fallen-6/e109764 if anyone is interested.

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There are few kinks on the page.  I have requested the point out more clearly what the winner gets.  It's at the very bottom and not clear.  I also asked them to make sure they have a way to assign a ticket number for each one purchased.  I'm hoping to have this worked out today. As most of you know, this is especially important for me because of my son.  He is, hopefully, a couple of months away from graduating from SOF combat medic school and will have at least another year before he is deployed and he will be deployed. We lost 6 SF soldiers in a matter of a few days last month, most on deployment and one in training down in Key West.  When you hear boots on the ground in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, it is likely an SF soldier and/or other SOF soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.  The GBF is a good organization which sometimes is as silent as the soldiers they serve which means not many even know it exists.  So, thanks in advance for helping!

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In. Always in for supporting the special ops/forces community.

Mike, I don't know if you are aware or not but if you shop on Amazon you can select Amazon smile as your home page and a portion of all your purchases will receive a donation to your charity of choice.  I chose the Navy Seals Family Foundation but there is a option for the Special Forces Charitable Trust which is the Army GB beneficiary I believe.

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