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Closed - Megatron and GRHV PCB GB

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With these quotes and potential problems it is almost more beneficial to just get the Antek trafos and ship them to the Netherlands for the premium price. No fancy box to put on top of the case though... (and no 13/14VAC ones, just 15VAC so more heatsinking for the LV supply)

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Got my boards today. Thank You! I have posted pics before but here are some more of my build. I noticed these boards have a 12 V for the filaments. The old board did not have it.  

12v filament version posted pretty sure the original was done the way it was to accomodate the 6dj8 tubes for those that wanted to do that edit: the filaments of the output tubes are tied to

All international-destined packages have been sent too. I'll PM each with the postage. Happy building!

Posted Images

I'm waiting for two new trafos from Toroidy. If I have problems with it again probably I will try other manufacturers

Enviado desde mi SM-G920F mediante Tapatalk

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All packages with US shipping address have been posted to USPS Priority Mail. Please PayPal me $7.2 US for the postage.

Overseas packages will be posted next week. I'll PM each with the postage as it will be based on destination and weight.

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On ‎01‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 8:42 AM, steefdebruijn said:

I am very curious about your findings. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.

Measures (no load):

> 2x360V & 350mA      386volt/386volt
> 18-0-18V & 600mA   18,63volt/18,63Volt
> 2x 6,3V & 4,5A  6.83volt/6,83volt

No noises or hum . The measures are... more or less but I'm worrying for HV (a difference of 26volt)

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The difference in voltage is only app. 7%. If you look at other transformer specs you'll see that this is perfectly normal for a 300VA toroidal, so it should be absolutely nothing to worry about :)


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On 5/23/2018 at 9:22 PM, bluebyte60 said:

This is probably a long shot, does anyone has additional megatron pcb to spare. I am very interested. Thank you.

PM me if you are still interested. 

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